HDHomeRun Prime networked digital cable tuner on sale for $99.99 [Expired]


The SiliconDust HDHomeRun Prime is currently on sale for $99.99 on Amazon. This is the first time I have ever seen this unit drop below $100. This is the top of the line 3-tuner HDHomeRun model which retails for a little over $200. If you have a cable subscription and don’t plan on cutting the cord in the next few months, this little box could save you a lot of money in cable box rental fees while adding a lot of convenience. The HDHomeRun is essentially a networked cable box that streams your cable television subscription to any number of internet connected devices, like Fire TVs and Fire TV Sticks. This model does not support antennas or over-the-air broadcasts, so you will need a cablecard from your cable TV provider for it to work. Once you pop a cablecard into the slot on the back, you can view all of your cable TV channels through the Fire TV HDHomeRun app or any of their supported devices. They even have an official Kodi plugin that lets you watch cable TV directly within Kodi. Using a PC and software like NextPVR you can even have DVR functionality. HDHomeRun themselves will soon be releasing their own DVR software as a result of their successful Kickstarter campaign. With this HDHomeRun Prime and its 3-tuners, you can watch or record 3 different channels simultaneously, which should be enough for most people to get rid of their clunky cable boxes and switch to a pure Fire TV setup.

  1. Scott says:

    The HDHomeRun App only works on the original Fire TV and does not work on the current generation Fire TVs.

  2. John says:

    This has been this cheap pretty regularly for the past 3 years. I’ve seen $90 on a few occasions, and got mine over 2 years ago for the same price. Definitely highly recommended

  3. Mike says:

    Mpeg2 deinterlace is terrible on AFTV- 1080i is not watchable.

    Constant crashing and reboots between channels. This has been true on HDHomeRun app or kodi plugin

    If you want hdhomerun prime- windows media center , raspberry pi2 , or nvidia shield TV are the only ways to go. You will need MoCA/ Ethernet.

    Finally – cablecard FCC regs changed starting 2016, so good luck…

    • Keith says:

      Whats that mean? Were/are all cable companies mandated to provide the cards? Is there a fee?
      In regards to aftv and issues with homerun, would that also apply to setting up a pvr service in kodi?

    • shwru980r says:

      The change to the cable card regulations was that cable companies no longer have to use cablecards in in their own devices. The cable companies still have to provide cablecards to customers with third party devices.

  4. jimberkas says:

    i’ve always wished there was a similar product for us poor suckers on satellite TV
    i’ve tried the sling player and found it very lacking

  5. Dan says:

    I know HD Homerun well and here’s what I can tell you:

    1. Don’t use the AFTV Stick

    2. It works well, but not flawlessly, with gen1 FTV box. Best video is software decode with InstaTV app. It works well with Kodi too. 1080i deinterlacing is the challenge.

    *****THE GEN 2 AFTV BOX PRODUCES MUCH WORSE VIDEO THAN GEN1 despite the better specs****

    3. You need a wired ethernet connection (or MoCA)

    4. The new “Channels” app using AppleTV 4 produces is fabulous. If you get on the “testflight” for the beta version, you can pause live TV really well. I haven’t tried Kodi in ATV4 yet.

    5. Using a mini W10 mini PC with a cherrytrail processor (Tronsmart X5) or any W10 or W8 pc will produce great video using Kodi app. I have had some stability issue with commercials. I have not solved it, but the channel simply needs restarting to get audio back

    6. AndroidTV box works ok, but you need wired connection, which requires a work around with Nexus player. AndroidTV live channels has issue. InstaTV and Kod is good.

    7. Do not bother using SilconDust’s Windows, FireTV or Android app.

    • Gdroid666 says:

      what do you mean wired ethernet?
      you mean just the HDHR box has to be wired to the router or that all the fire TV devices also all need to be wired ot he router vie ehternet cable?
      and are all clients apps free with the exception of the new one the silicon dust is coming out with , by free i mean no subscription fee not initial app purhase

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