HBO Max is launching a cheaper ad-supported plan and making its content available on TNT and TBS

HBO has announced that a less expensive ad-supported subscription option for HBO Max will be available starting the first week of June for $9.99 per month. That’s $5 less expensive than the $14.99 ad-free plan that is currently available. Notably, a subscription to HBO Max with ads will not include access to the day-and-date Warner Bros. movie premieres that were promised to be available on HBO Max throughout 2021. HBO says that the ad-supported plan will have the “lightest ad load in the industry” and that HBO original programming will not have any commercials, regardless of which plan you’re subscribed to.

In addition to the new ad-supported tier for HBO Max, the company announced that some HBO Max original content will become available on TBS and TNT. Front Row on TBS and Front Row on TNT, as it will be called, will be a block of programming for HBO Max content that will be “presented with limited commercial interruption.” Some of the shows coming to TNT and/or TBS include Love Life, Close Enough, 12 Dates of Christmas, Titans, Class Action Park, and the first season of The Flight Attendant. Front Row programming will start in June.

  1. Malcolm Welsh says:

    Thay just dont get it, I will never pay for any streaming service. If you want my attention and time you must earn it, I only support services that are supported with Adds. I learn a lot from watching adds new products and all kinds of new stuff. You should be able to support your service with add revenue. It`s bad enought that I have to pay Cox $100 a month for my Internet (but it`s the best, rock solid very stable) In time they will come to understand there are just to many of them, I get all I have time to watch for free !! Bye.

  2. TechyChris says:

    100% agree, paying AND still getting adds is a big NO THANKS from me.

  3. mrvco says:

    Oh how the mighty have fallen… HBO w/ ads. The shame. I’m eager to see how aggressively Discovery moves to right ATT’s wrongs.

    • oasis_001 says:

      Have you watched a Discovery show on its linear network? Feels like 40 minutes of commercials and 20 minutes of show for an hour of viewing!! Discovery+ streaming service has a w/ads and commercial-free tier. Likely won’t change when they combine into one company and have one streaming service or more than likely keep them both separate with some kind of bundle pricing discount.

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