HBO has been removed from Amazon Prime Video Channels

HBO is no longer available through Amazon’s Prime Video Channels. First spotted by The Streamable, the channel’s landing page now simply states that “the page is temporarily unavailable.” The channel’s removal was, reportedly, a serious point of contention between Amazon and HBO which contributed to why HBO Max wasn’t available on Fire TV devices for so long. It’s speculated that Amazon wanted the channel to remain available but HBO wanted all subscriptions to go directly through HBO.

Shortly after Amazon and HBO reached an agreement to bring HBO Max to Fire TV devices, CNBC reported that Amazon agreed to remove HBO as a Prime Video Channel. When that would happen was unknown until today. Prime Video Channels first launched in late 2015 without an HBO subscription option. HBO arrived a year later, along with Cinemax, and had been a staple of the service ever since.

HBO content, including the services 8 live channels, are still listed within Prime Video. This seems to imply that existing subscribers might still be able to access the channel’s programming for a bit longer, even though it does not seem possible to start a new subscription through Prime Video anymore. Subscribing to HBO through Prime Video Channels offered several advantages over subscribing directly, especially for Fire TV owners, without losing any perks of subscribing directly through HBO, such as access to the HBO Max app.

HBO ending indirect subscription options isn’t unique to Amazon and Prime Video. Roku stopped offering HBO subscriptions through its channel store late last year. Apple dropped HBO from its Apple TV channel list just a few weeks ago.

  1. awc says:

    I wonder if HBO Max will continue to allow subscriptions via Hulu and YouTube TV and why those distribution channels differ from Amazon, Apple and Roku? I would like to continue to get the live HBO channels.

  2. Amazon Prime Subscriber says:

    I like having HBOMax. I hope I’ll still be able to get it, even if directly through their app, at no more than I’m paying now.

  3. Scott Scherr says:

    Once advantage to the native HBOMax subscription is you can pay for a year and get a discount.

  4. Keith says:

    This might be slightly off topic but the HBO Max app is absolute garbage. I’m cancelling my subscription even though I like the content more than Netflix, prime and peacock combined.
    No background playback, every time you stop playing a video it crashes when you try to restart it, no auto-rotate and I actually could go on. Tonight the TV show I had been watching wouldn’t play the specific episode I was on. Just kept giving an error. It’s happened before. Last time it took about 2 days to work. Basic troubleshooting is futile. It’s their server.
    Read the reviews on play store. These have been problems since it launched and HBO has done absolutely nothing about it.

    • Just a thought says:

      It’s not really off topic. But I don’t really think it’s garbage. I rather enjoy it. I have it on my Google TV and all of my devices. I don’t have the crashing problem you have maybe that’s why but I’ve enjoyed HBO since I was a child. It’s like Cinemax who Cinemax what.. LOL I got the email last week saying that HBO would be leaving and that Amazon would credit me for the remainder of the month.

  5. C says:

    I’m canceling. I don’t watch HBO anyway. Won’t miss it. There are many other things ha to watch.

  6. Just a thought says:

    It’s possible that’s they may be doing their own think with streaming media devices as well. Maybe they are acquiring some other company that has streaming media devices. Kind of feels that way. Because they’re only leaving services that have streaming media devices. Amazon, Apple TV, Roku. Since Google doesn’t really provide content they just stream media they’re not going anywhere.

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