Amazon and Grubhub extend free Grubhub+ subscription for Prime members by another year

One year ago, Amazon teamed up with Grubhub to offer a free 1-year Grubhub+ subscription to Prime members. That offer was set to expire this month but Amazon has announced that Prime members will now receive an additional year of free Grubhub+. Any Prime members that sign up between now and July 5, 2023 will also receive the full 24 months of free Grubhub+. If you sign up on July 6, 2023 or later, you’ll receive just 12 months free.

  1. Ari says:

    Just checked mine. It’s expiring 01/2024.

  2. Tj says:

    Thanks. I’ll wait until the last day for 2 yr deal to sign up.

  3. CyberAdvent says:

    I canceled my membership prior to the expiration about a month ago. The membership ceased immediately, to my surprise, not at the end of the 1-year term.

    I signed up again from, after reading this original post and I got a new membership until July 2025. There is a mention of a one-year extension from an email link but I didn’t use that method.

    An update to my account may reflect a one-year extension after July 8, 2023, but that’s still good even if I only get another year.

    Thanks for the news and tip!

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