Google’s 4K capable Chromecast Ultra to cost $69


The new 4K capable Chromecast Ultra, expected to be announced on October 4th at Google’s upcoming ress event, will allegedly cost $69, according to a report by Android Police. If accurate, that’s a pretty hefty price for a device that doesn’t include a remote or a TV interface. That’s especially high considering we’ve just learned the Xiaomi Mi Box, the newest 4K capable Android TV box, will also cost $69 and can do so much more, including function as a Google Cast/Chromecast receiver. The Chromecast Ultra, which still may not be the device’s final name, will reportedly also have HDR support. Android Police is also reporting that Google Home, Google’s upcoming competitor to the Amazon Echo, will cost $129.

  1. tech3475 says:

    I think Google will be jumping the shark at that price, where I work their devices sell allot less than the Fire Stick and I can see that trend continuing if they fail to deliver an significant advantage over it’s rivals.

  2. xnamkcor says:

    The Chromecast has a TV interface. You just can’t directly interact with it.

    • AFTVnews says:

      Yeah, I should have been more specific with my wording. I meant you can’t use the Chromecasts interface to find and select content.

      • xnamkcor says:

        I’m still a bit wary of “4k capable” at this point and equate it to “HD ready” TVs that may only do 720p or less, but merely receive and HD signal. If this device used USB-C and I could hook up a Gigabit ethernet adapter to it, I’d be confident it could do BD UHD streams, but I don’t trust wifi enough. This seems like a minor upgrade to the hardware(slightly higher framebuffer and new HDMI port to support HDCP 1.4/HDMI2.x) for double the price.

        • Taylor says:

          It does ship with an ethernet adapter built into the power supply, it just remains to be seen if it is gigabit or 100mbps…. the feature I am really hoping for is dts audio / passthrough… fingers crossed, no more dlna transcoding!

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