Google TV devices are getting a new rearranged Home screen layout

Google has announced a few tweaks to the Home screen of streaming devices running Google TV, the version of Android TV using Google’s newest launcher interface. The changes are pretty minor and consist mostly of rearranging a few existing navigation tabs and buttons.

Google is moving the buttons for the “Movies” and “Shows” sections of the Google TV interface from the top navigation menu to lower down the home screen, just below the Continue Watching row. Amazon did something similar when it moved Movies and TV Shows from the navigation menu of the old interface to the search page of the new interface.

Other changes to the main navigation bar include a reordering of a few items. The Search tab, which used to be the first item listed just left of the For You tab, is now being moved to the right end of the navigation menu. The profile selector image, which used to be in the far right corner, is being moved to the far left corner. Lastly, a new settings icon is being added to the far-right corner. This was previously accessible through a popup menu that appeared when the profile icon was highlighted.

Apart from the reshuffling of existing navigation elements, Google is adding a pair of new sections. The first is a Family section where you’ll find movies with a G or PG rating. The second is an Español section with Spanish content. Both sections will contain recommendations for content in each category. Both of these new sections can be found lower down the home screen, within the row that now also contains the Movies and Show buttons.

The new updated home screen interface will start rolling out today. It should be available on most Google TV devices, including the Google Chromecast (4K and HD) and smart TVs running Google TV, such as those from Hisense, Philips, Sony, and TCL.

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  1. Adam says:

    The Shield uses a version of Google TV, slightly customized by Nvidia.
    It is undeniably slick, modern, informative and lends itself to programming discoverability. It also is not at all to my taste. This is completely subjective, but I find it too busy and over stuffed.
    I have no interest in the advertised suggestions, most are for programing on streamers I don’t subscribe to. I generally know what programming I want to view, and specifically which streaming services I’m willing to pay for. If I do watch a movie or a show that isn’t on one of those services, I can tell you it isn’t because I saw a banner ad for a show and subscribed to the service that has it.

    My solution is Flauncher, a free and open source launcher in the Google Play Store. It has everything I want in my streaming box front end, which really isn’t much. Simple configurable display of the specific apps I want against a custom background (Unsplash fricken rules btw). Oh, and a clock. Nothing else. Brilliant.
    Launch a streaming service, watch your movie, exit the streamer and you’re back at your Flauncher screen. Simple. I go whole weeks without seeing the Google TV screen, and generally then only when I accidentally hit the back button too many times.
    Plus if you have the ability to map your remote buttons, Flauncher is only a click away, which is handy.
    There are other decent launchers out there that may suit your tastes, this is one I settled on.

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