Google Nexus Player + $20 Google Play Credit just $69 from Amazon [Expired]

If you’re interested in seeing what Android TV has to offer over the Fire TV, you can pick up the Google Nexus Player from Amazon right now with $20 worth of Google Play Store credit included for just $69.27. That’s the lowest price the Nexus player has ever been. After purchasing, you’ll automatically receive a redemption code that you can enter at to add a $20 credit to your Google Play account. I do love the Fire TV, but I try not to be blind to competition. The Nexus player has some potential.

  1. hdmkv says:

    Still not worth it over FTV IMHO. I am looking forward to nVidia’s Shield Console however.

    • Tinwarble says:

      Same here, waiting on the SATV. I think the NP is/was a good first Android TV device to show off what Android TV is, but I don’t think that it’s much of a practical device for day to day use. The lack of USB ports and ethernet are probably the biggest issues and why the NP hasn’t been a more desirable device for most people.

    • william says:

      nVidia’s Shield would be my choice but Fire Tv opposed to Nexus Player. Again I would like to get nVidia’s Shield tablet.

  2. Juan says:

    the lack of a usb 2.0 port is a killer. I had to purchase a usb hub separately. some apps don’t work and if they do they appear in vertical mode. it doesn’t auto adjust to landscape. you must sideload a locker to keep some apps horizontal. Kodi works great but I hate that the controler on nexus player lacks a the option menu to bring up context menu in kodi. overall works great if you can get through the little annoyances

  3. mjbxx says:

    I won’t touch the Nexus Player due to lack of ethernet, only 1 GB of RAM and the remote missing FF/REW and Menu buttons. A rooted Fire TV is clearly the better choice.

    • atone says:

      Lack of Ethernet was why also I went with Aftv+rooted +2Gb ram+ good support,so I looked past the Nexus.

      But good deal on it!

  4. Warwick Cartwright says:

    Neat price, closer to what it’s worth. I bought a Nexus Player out of curiosity a few months after my Fire. It cost me nearly double that.

    I was excited that Google got the ball rolling on Android TV with the Nexus Player but unfortunately the end result falls a long way short of expectation. The disappointment starts the second you lay your hands on the remote. It’s not the build quality of the Fire, and has too few buttons to be useful.

    The Fire won the contest for the living room, amongst other reasons because the Android TV’s Netflix app really blows. Stereo only? C’mon, what year is this?

    Given the choice, even at this price, I’d still recommend the Fire over it without hesitation. But Android TV is worth keeping one eye on.

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