Google guides the asthetic of future streaming apps with new Android TV design language

Google heald it’s annuale Google I/O developer conference today. While there wasn’t any new streaming hardware annouced or new Google/Android TV software features revealed, Google did release new development tools and design guidelines that could shape the streaming app landscape for years to come.

If you’re familiar with Google’s Material “You” Design language unveiled for Android phones a couple of years ago, consider what Google did today the equivilant but for streaming TV apps. Google announced a new Compose for TV development toolkit that will simplify TV app creation by laying out all the common app interface components.

Google also launched new TV Design Guidelines to go along with the developer toolkit. The new design language, shown in the various example screenshots in this post, closely resembles the design found in the Google TV home launcher.

Consider this new design language as the new default asthetic for streaming TV apps. If developers don’t put much effort into customizing the look of new streaming apps, they’ll likely come out looking a lot like the screenshots in this post. The vast majority of popular streaming sources will continue to use their own custom app asthetic, but it’s safe to assume that smaller TV apps will likely start to adopt this new design. That design will surely leak into Fire TV apps as well.

  1. RG Geiger says:

    Thanks for the wonderful screen shots. It looks sharp, simple, I like it.

  2. Kary says:

    Steaming app design really does need work. Just last night I was yelling at the Apple+ FireTV app, which is one of the worst. Thankfully that service has almost no content beyond Ted Lasso. My Google TV device is rather long in the tooth, but if this program has legs maybe my next device will be GoogleTV.

  3. Adam says:

    Never mind that, I want to see some of these shows!

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