Google bypasses Roku’s YouTube TV removal by adding access in the YouTube app

Google has announced that they are adding access to YouTube TV through the standard YouTube app. This allows them to, essentially, get around Roku’s removal of the YouTube TV app since the YouTube app is still accessible on Roku devices. At the bottom of the YouTube app’s left-side navigation menu will soon be a button “Go to YouTube TV” button.

Google says they will make this change to the YouTube app on Roku devices within the next few days. They also say that they will make it available on as many devices as they can over time, so we may see it arrive on the YouTUbe app for Fire TV devices. Google says they’re still negotiating with Roku to bring the YouTube TV app back but, interestingly, they say they are “in discussions with other partners to secure free streaming devices in case YouTube TV members face any access issues on Roku.”

This certainly feels a lot like what Amazon did to Google when they released the Silk browser to retain YouTube access on Fire TV devices when Google decided to block the main YouTube app from Fire TV devices. It’ll be interesting to see how or if Roku retaliates.

  1. Ricky says:

    You can already get to the app via casting so looks like YTTV has been preparing for this deal to not happen.

    • All4dom says:

      I hope roku removes the youtube app. Amazon didnt have it back in the day & they made the silk browser & roku should so the same.

  2. Malcolm says:

    If Roku remove YouTube then I will remove the Roku channel !!

  3. Jason says:

    Game over Roku. You’re not big enough to compete with Google’s nearly unlimited resources. They will win, so unless you’re up for a huge anti-trust lawsuit fight, might as well settle, lick your wounds and live to fight another day. Maybe Amazon will buy you and you won’t have to worry about it anymore! :-)

  4. Michael says:

    Do that many people really still subscribe to live tv? It also seems to me that every time there is a dispute, even back when it was on cable systems. People always blame the Cable Company, or now with streaming, they blame the Device Maker.
    Why is it no one blames the content provider?

    In this case, I’ve read the mixed messages from both and it appears that Google want to simply renew the exact terms from over 2 years ago. Google won’t win this. Roku has a loyal base, of which most don’t even use Google’s Youtube.

    Google trying to bypass the situation isn’t going to help things.

    I stand with Roku on this one.

  5. Keith says:

    You’d think when these huge companies go to war it’d benefit the consumer. In reality it just annoys the hell out of us.
    I don’t have a stake in this, but regardless I side with the “smaller” corporation. Google isn’t gonna stop until they grab a hold of everything. Unfortunately for them, and the consumers, Amazon will probably win in the end.

  6. Adam says:

    You’d think when these huge companies go to war it’d benefit the consumer. In reality it just annoys the hell out of us.

    It doesn’t Keith, because we. the consumer, are the ammunition in these fights. Nothing more.

    The strategy in fights like this between big companies usually involve one gambling that the move they make is going to piss off enough customers of the other company that they thereby exert sufficient pressure on the other company to make the calculation that the fight isn’t worth the loss to their brand and relents.

    For that to happen, a sufficient number of customers have to be afflicted in a manner sufficient to piss them off enough to damage the other company’s brand. Customers aren’t always savvy to which company is truly at fault for their discomfort, and that is where the genius of the game truly lies.

    Regardless of how it happens, there’s no scenario in which the customer isn’t the victim in this strategy.

  7. Rik Emmett says:

    I thought the rationale for roku removing the Google TV app was that only the roku ultra had the horsepower to run the AV1 codec for Google TV. Will this work on the lesser hardware models?

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