Google announces new features coming in Android TV 14

Google is holding its annual Google I/O developer conference this week and has revealed a few new features coming to Google TV and Android TV devices with the upcoming Android 14 update. The changes include performance improvements, reduced power consumption thanks to new power modes, accessibility improvements, picture-in-picture multitasking, and more.

Google says that Android 14 for TV devices will improve performance, particularly those with limited RAM. We don’t yet know which devices, if any, will be updating to Android 14, but the emphasis on performance should, hopefully, mean they won’t have the same performance hit seen when devices updated to Android 11 and 12. Specifically, Google says Android TV 14 will speed up boot time, improve vertical and horizontal scrolling performance, and improve cold startup time by over 4 seconds. Google also says the new version frees up storage space by 20%.

Android TV 14 is said to also reduce a TV’s standby power consumption thanks to two new energy modes. Users will be able to select from Low, Optimized, and Increased energy modes that may disable certain features, like software updates, casting, Google Assistant, and smart home capabilities while in standby.

Picture-in-Picture (PIP) was first mentioned as an Android TV 13 feature but, since that never shipped on any devices, it looks like it’ll finally arrive as part of Android TV 14. Google says to expect it on “qualified Android 14 TV models” but it’s not as useful as you may think because it’s limited to non-media apps. That means you’re not going to be streaming any movies or TV shows with PIP. Instead, it’s for showing security camera feeds and video calls without needing to take over the entire screen.

Android TV 14 also comes with several accessibility improvements. A color correction option provides four preset color modes to account for different types of color deficiency. Switch Access is also being added for users with limited dexterity which, when paired with a new virtual D-pad, will allow for an alternative way of navigating the interface without needing to use a remote. There’s also a new text option for bold text. Google says these new accessibility features will be toggleable through remote shortcuts.

Another change coming with the new version of Android TV is the ability for apps to pop up a request to rate or review the app directly within the app. While this has been possible on Android phones and tablets for some time, it hasn’t been possible on Android TV devices.

Lastly, Google has announced that Compose for TV, which is the set of developer interface tools introduced a year ago, has reached 1.0.0-beta. Since the tools are now more complete, you can probably expect more TV apps to adopt this common interface aesthetic moving forward.

  1. Craig S. says:

    I’ve been wanting PiP for Nest Doorbells and Cameras forever! Ridiculous it’s taking them this long?! ONN Pro best be “qualified” for it or I’m gonna be pissed!

  2. Kary says:

    Are there any high end hardware devices that use Android TV?

    • Mark says:

      I have a 4k laser ust projector that’s running android tv.
      Looking forward to see if its an improvement.

  3. nokinha_kida says:

    And this is going to enhance the performance of which devices? New devices? Will Chromecast 4k and HD have this Android 14 TV upsate or is it only for new devices. That way how can we tell if there is a performance boost? LOL

  4. KIRBY TAYLOR says:

    Hey I really love my chromecast with Android 12 but I was wondering if mine would get the same update all other Google Chrome cast HD Device

  5. Anthony Rossetti says:

    I just want a phone style app switcher/recents option that I can pull up from one button on the remote to quickly kill apps.

    Looks like it will never come.

    Also funny they mentioned video calls for PIP.
    Duo and now meets sucks and even if you have a High end 1080 web cam the driver only has generic support And is capped at 480p but it look more like 144p.

    Can’t wait to see what else Google F’s up with this update.

    I assume the app switcher is not coming and the camera drivers will not be updated either.

    Everything Google does is sub third world tier garbage

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