‘Goliath’ has the most binged first season of any Amazon original series


Like most streaming video services, Amazon doesn’t release exact numbers for how many times a particular show has been viewed, but they have revealed an interesting statistic about Goliath, one of their newest original shows. Amazon has told Deadline that Goliath is “the top binged first season of a US-produced Amazon original series ever over its first ten days.” The oddly specific wording of that statement is no doubt very deliberate, but what it basically means is no other first season of an Amazon original series has been watched, in its entirety, as much and as fast as Goliath.

The series stars Billy Bob Thornton as a once powerful lawyer who is now burned out and washed up. When he reluctantly agrees to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the biggest client of the massive law firm he helped create, he uncovers a vast and deadly conspiracy, pitting them all in a life or death trial against the ultimate Goliath.

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