Get the Fire TV Cube for as little as $52.49 plus 2 weeks of Sling TV for Free — New Lowest Price Ever

Amazon has just put the Fire TV Cube on sale for $69.99, which is $50 off its regular price of $119.99. This matches the lowest price it has ever been. In addition to this great price, Amazon is concurrently running a promotion that gives you an extra 25% cashback on the Fire TV Cube when you use a Prime Visa Card or a Prime Store Card. That brings the total price down to just $52.49, which is lower than I’ve ever seen it in the past. If that weren’t enough, you also get 2 weeks of Sling TV for free with the purchase. Sling TV normally offers only a 3-day free trial. The sale price of $69.99 will end on March 26 and the 25% cashback promo will end on March 31. To get the Sling TV offer you have to make your purchase by March 19 and sign up for Sling TV by April 18. As a reminder, the Fire TV Cube is the most powerful Fire TV model Amazon has ever made and includes 16GB of internal storage, an ethernet adapter, hands-free Alexa control, IR blasters for hands-free TV/soundbar control, and so much more. UPDATE: If you also take advantage of the instant trade-in credit program that gives you 20% off and a $3 credit, you end up paying $39.74 +tax total. I just did this myself and both the cashback offer and the instant trade-in credits appear at checkout, but some are reporting that the trade-in credit/discount is not instant for them so it seems to vary by some other factor.

  1. TechyChris says:

    Wow! This beats my deal 2 years ago, $200 for 3 (just under $67 each).
    At this price, I’m thinking of swapping out my only Stick (3rd Gen) even though I barely use it. I still have a 20% off a new Fire TV Device (from a Trade-In) good until March 31, I assume Amazon will allow me to take it on to this deal.

  2. don mosca says:

    The instant trade is not working for everyone. For some Amazon is still requiring the trade be returned before credit is given.

  3. luc says:

    Temporally out of stock …

  4. Asha says:

    Given the significantly reduced payments price, do we think that the cube is being replaced with a newer model soon?

    • Price is rarely an indication that a new model is coming with Amazon devices. My best guess for why this price is so good is it just being poor planning/coordinating, where two good deals (sale and cashback, three if you also count trade-in discount) happened to stack at the same time. We’ve seen this before with the Fire TV Stick 4K where a sale and a promo code happened to stack which made it $4.99. The other likely reason is that the Fire TV Stick 4K Max being so good is taking away a lot of the Cube’s sales, so Amazon is more likely to reduce the Cube’s price to keep them moving.

      All that said, I do expect that the Fire TV Cube will be the next model that gets updated. While the Fire TV Stick 4K is the oldest model in the current lineup, being a 2018 release, the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is essentially its successor, so I don’t see it being updated. That leaves the Fire TV Cube, being a 2019 release, that is up next for a refresh. When that will be is unknown, but it certainly won’t be before September/October of this year, so there’s still at least 6 months of the current Cube being the best model.

  5. clark says:

    Just got it for:

    $69.99 Sale price
    -$14.00 for 20% Trade-in discount — (traded in a rooted FTV1!)
    -$3.00 for Trade-in Credit
    $52.99 Paid (+tax)

    We’ll see how long it takes for the 25% amazon card cashback to kick in. Would be awesome to only pay $40 for it!!!

    • clark says:

      saw on the order details page:
      “Earned 5% Back, and an additional 20% Back with your Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card.”
      — great price; thanks for the tip!!

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