Get a Free Fire TV Stick after first paid month of PlayStation Vue TV service [Expired]


Sony just launched their PlayStation Vue streaming TV service on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. To promote the service, they’re offering new customers a free Fire TV Stick for signing up and paying for 1 month of either their “Core” 60+ channel plan, which costs $54.99 per month, or their “Elite” 85+ channel plan, which costs $64.99 per month. These multi-channel plans, and this offer, are currently only available to residents of Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, where the service is offered.

The promotion starts November 15th and ends December 15th or after 10,000 free Fire TV Sticks are claimed. To take advantage of this offer, sign up for the 7-day free trial of either the Core or Elite plan on or after November 15th. After your free trial is over and you pay for your first full month of service, you will receive a promo code that can be used on to purchase a free Fire TV Stick. The terms of the promotion explicitly say the code cannot be used to get a Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote and must be redeemed by January 15th, 2016.

  1. ruhroh30 says:

    So you can’t get this offer until starting this Sunday, right?

  2. Dustin says:

    Please bring PS NOW and PS4 remote play as well!!!!

  3. Anna says:

    Don’t waste your time. We signed up for Vue intending to cancel our cable, but Sony’s customer service is so horrible, we didn’t even make it a month. They only have chat support on the weekends, which takes forever and they ask you for the same info over and over again until you just want to scream! Their phone support isn’t any better. We did keep the account for the full 30 days so at least we would get the free Fire TV stick. Well that didn’t happen either, and I’ve spent hours on the phone trying to get what I was promised. No one there provides any kind of service, and the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing. Until they get it together, I will happily keep paying the lower rate I was able to negotiate with my cable provider when we were planning to cancel. When a company offers such bad customer service that customers would rather stick with CABLE, you know it’s BAD!

  4. Joe says:

    I had a great experience with their customer service rep via chat..resolved a minor issue right away. I’ve been happy with the PlaystationVue service so far. I cancelled my Directv service two months ago with great pleasure.

  5. Tenderfoot56 says:

    Dumped my DirecTV this week!

    I had 2 HD DVR units and the most basic DirecTV channels package which costs about $90 per month of which almost half was hardware rental fees, taxes, and other fees every single month forever. Of course for that price, there is NO ESPN, FS1, FS2, etc… Just pretty basic channels plus a few of my Orlando Local Channels.

    I finally pulled the plug on the old satellite and became an official (Semi) Cord Cutter!!

    Cutting the Cord does require some basic investment in hardware if you want to have equal or more than you did on Satellite or Cable service, and below is a list of my costs to convert. These are all 1 time costs as I will own all of the equipment instead of renting it. My new Whole House TV System is made up of the following components:

    Hardware Costs:

    $ 75 Outdoor Antenna, Mast, Cable, Connectors, etc…
    $ 180 New All Metal SiliconDust HdHomeRun Extend Dual Tuner Units (Local Channels)
    $ 180 New All Metal SiliconDust HdHomeRun Extend Dual Tuner Units (Local Channels)
    $ 90 Amazon Fire TV Box, Gen 2 for Primary TV
    $ 40 Amazon Fire TV Stick, Gen 2 for 2nd TV
    $ 0 Old 2005 vintage PC repurposed to MythTV DVR system
    $ 0 Mythbuntu MythTV DVR Software (Linux) to install on old PC
    $ 86 New 2TB 5400 RPM WD RED NAS Grade Hard Disk for DVR

    $ 651.00 Total cost for new Hardware/Software

    I now have more channels to view for about 1/3rd of the monthly cost of Satellite TV and I can change plans anytime I want to and watch TV on any Device I own including PC’s, TV’s, Tablets, Cell Phones, etc.!!!! I also have access to tons of “On Demand” TV shows and Movies that I didn’t have access to via DirecTV.

    The new monthly charge will be EXACTLY $29.99 month to month for my subscription to the Playstation Vue Access Slim Pkg which provides 48 really good Cable Channels (No Crap Channels like with cable or satellite) and with No Contract and NO extra monthly fees. I can change packages any time I wish or just cancel and try something else. This is a Great Package

    Playstation Vue has been terriffic and I love that it has built in Cloud DVR with unlimited recording as well as the ability to run on nearly every device I own. I can run up to 5 different devices at once on PS Vue all watching a different live stream or DVR’d programs or what they call “Catch Up” programs.

    With the two SiliconDust HDHomeRun Extend network attached tuners (I could have gotten by with just one, but it’s nice to have extra capacity), I can watch all of my local stations on any device, and DVR anything I want on the Mythbuntu MythTV PC. Playback is handled beautifuly on all devices using Kodi Free software which will run on just about any device you own. Additionally, I can DVR up to 4 primary channels at once with the ability to record many more “Extra” side channels off the Main Channel. For example, Channel 2 is 2.1 as the primary channel, but I can also record 2.2, 2.3, etc at the same time, so really the number of total channels I can record at once is only a limitation of my storage capacity and power of the DVR hardware. I have recorded 6 channels at once on this old hardware and it actually did okay. Additionally, the MythTV software has the ability to go back and mark all commercials after the recording completes so later when you watch the show on Kodi, virtually all of the commercials are automatically skipped !!! Way Cool !!!

    While there was some out of pocket expense for hardware, I will save enough to pay for it is less than a year! And, the monthly cost for TV is now only $29.99 vs old Super Basic DirecTV package that cost over $90 per month. Oh yeah, and NO Contracts or Rental Fee’s ! On top of that, the Channel Selection on Playstation Vue is great! I now have ESPN, FS1, FS2, etc… Check it out!

    Old Annual Cost $1080 per year with increases each year!
    New Annual Cost $359.88

    1st year savings of $720.12 minus initial hardware costs of $651 gives me a savings of $69.12. However, the Savings in the 2nd year, and each and every year thereafter, at least $ 720.12 per year!!!

    Yep, I’m a Happy Camper for sure!

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