Get a Free AmazonBasics Battery Pack for trying Amazon Prime [Expired]

Amazon just started running a new promotion where they will give you a free 5,600 mAh Portable Power Bank for trying Amazon Prime. The offer is only available to new customers who start a 30-day FREE Trial of Amazon Prime. Just sign up for Prime and you’ll receive an email within 48-72 hours with a coupon code for the free battery pack. You can cancel your new Prime membership at anytime and keep the battery pack at no cost.

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  1. scofield says:

    did anybody got the coupon code?

  2. Wayne says:

    Me neither. Can’t find any other reference to this offer anywhere. Were we scammed?

  3. Kalyway says:

    Well, just signed up for a 30-day Prime trial. Guess I’ll wait the full 72 hours and find out if this works!

  4. Nate2003 says:

    Was curious if this was active still.

    Just got a FirePhone and might as well do the free trial before I start my 12 month Prime.

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