Get a $5 Prime Video credit for watching a 15 second ad on your Fire TV

You probably try to avoid the banner ads on Fire TV devices, but there’s one right now that will instantly earn you a $5 Prime Video credit for simply watching a 15-second video ad. The banner ad is for a Lincoln SUV and it is being shown to select Fire TV customers. Here is how to find the ad and earn your free credit.

The banner ad you’re looking for will appear on the first or second row below the navigation menu on your Fire TV’s home screen. If you don’t see it immediately, which you likely won’t, you can navigate away from the home screen for about 2 seconds and then return to the home screen for a new banner ad to load. Keep navigating away, such as to the Live tab, for a couple of seconds and returning home over and over until you see the Lincoln banner ad shown above. If the banner ad isn’t changing, or if you’re not seeing a banner ad at all, it’s probably because you’re returning to the home screen too quickly. You have to leave for at least 2 seconds for the banner ad to change. Restarting your Fire TV once might also help the banner ads start to show up.


There is also an ad for the movie Interstellar presented by Lincoln that can appear at the top of the home screen and a screensaver ad for Lincoln that appears while your screensaver is active. Both of these additional ads will also take you to the reward screen mentioned below.

Once the Lincoln banner ad appears, scroll down and select it.

Once you select the ad, a full-screen Lincoln ad will load. On that new screen, press up to navigate to the “Prime Video & Rewards” tab along the top of the screen. Once on the reward screen, select the first video that says “Watch video to receive $5…” on the thumbnail image.

A 15-second video ad will play and you’ll be taken to a screen congratulating you for earning $5 in Prime Video credit. An email with a link to claim your reward should arrive instantly after seeing the congratulations screen. The $5 credit you earn must be spent by October 1, 2022 11:59 p.m. PT. A good place to start spending your $5 video credit is the Prime Video Deals page and the list of movies on sale for $4.99 or less.

  1. Miri vf says:

    no banner for me… :(

  2. Big John says:

    Do I have to be a Prime member to see the banner ad and/or receive the credit?

  3. Tj says:

    Amazon tried this with Twitch a couple of years ago. All it ended up doing was serve viewers more ads down their throat after the credits you get went away. No thanks.

  4. Patrick says:

    I must not be targeted :(

  5. Rs says:

    Ok for all who dont see the ad here’s what I did
    I left the ftv stick idle on the home page after a few minutes the full screen ads start to show
    The first ad I got was for a sci fi program presented by Lincoln
    When that came up I pressed the pkay/pause button on my remote
    It then took me to the page to choose the watch 15 second tab
    Hope this helps

    • alrightalrightalright says:

      Thanks! I can confirm this method. Let your home screen sit until it goes to screensaver mode or whatever you want to call it. Shows different ads and such. The Lincoln one eventually shows.

    • Big John says:

      Yep. Got it this way. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Brandon says:

    Thanks, I got it on the 7th cycle. Just click over to my stuff and back to home and it will eventually show.

  7. Rick says:

    I just get the same ad over and over again. Hope it pops up soon.

  8. Rick says:

    Do I need to turn privacy settings, and such, back on in order for this to work??

  9. Mark says:

    Looks like there also is an offer for a $6 Prime Video where you just have to scan a QR code to activate it. I just had it on my Fire TV Cube.

  10. Justin Seine says:

    The terms and conditions on this offer indicate that it is only valid for items listed as being sold by “Amazon Digital Services, LLC”. I cannot find anything that states this. I can only find ones that are sold by “ Services, LLC” in music and videos. Are these 2 entities equivalent or is this “The Gotcha!” in that the offer is not valid for anything???

    • It’s probably just a typo in the terms. After you make a purchase, you should go into your order history and confirm the credit was used for the purchase in the order details/invoice. If the credit was not used, you can “return” the item for an instant refund since the purchase was made within the last few minutes.

  11. EmoBrianEno says:

    Alexa told me that I’m too poor to afford a Lincoln. Now she only shows ads for Cheetos and Mountain Dew.

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