Get a $10 Amazon Gift Card for playing Sonic Dash through Amazon Underground [Expired]


Amazon is currently running a promotion where they’re giving away $10 Amazon Gift Cards to the first 15,000 people that complete a specific task in the Amazon Underground game Sonic Dash. If you have a Fire Tablet, Fire Phone, Android Phone, or Android Tablet, and want to receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card for playing a game, read on for instructions.

The specific task you need to complete in the game is to collect 2,500 Amazon boxes that are spread across the course. You’ll have until June 30th to collect 2,500 boxes. If you’re among the first 15,000 to do so, you’ll receive an email on July 1st with your $10 Amazon Gift Card code.

Here’s how to ensure you qualify for the promotion:

  1. Install and run Sonic Dash from the Amazon Underground app on a compatible Fire or Android device. (If you don’t have Amazon Underground on your device, go here.)
  2. Play through the tutorial and you’ll see a notification about the “Anniversary Sweepstakes.” Press the “YEAH!” button and enter your information. The email address you enter will be where you’ll receive the $10 Amazon Gift Card code.
  3. Play a few more rounds of the game and you’ll eventually see a notification for the $10 Amazon Gift Card promotion. Press the “LET’S GO!” button.
  4. Now you’ll see Amazon boxes in the game, along with a counter telling you how many you’ve collected so far. Once you collect 2,500 boxes, you’ll be eligible for the $10 Amazon Gift Card.
  5. Be sure to also go into the upgrades area of the game and max out all the upgrades for free to make it easier to collect all the boxes you need.

Once you’ve collected 2,500 boxes, you will see a “Congratulations!” screen the next time you die. Pressing the “Cool!” button on the “Congratulations!” screen will take you to a form where you need to enter your first name, last name, and email address in order to receive your $10 Amazon Gift Card. The gift card is sent via email on July 1st.

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A little bit late, but I just received my $10 Amazon Gift Card via email.

  1. z says:

    Am I missing something or is this going to take a really long time to get the gift card?

  2. Joe says:

    It’s for the hard core Sonic game players who lock themselves away in their mom’s basement :D

  3. Tony says:

    Sounds cool for the die hard sonic gamers, but I was too lazy to try.:)

  4. oppman29 says:

    there are about 10 boxes per round.. round took around 30-55 seconds .
    now its hard to get all the boxes… short story after 35 min playing I had around 200 boxes , there is no way to stay in the same round and do an easy round… I would say you need AT LEAST 8 hours of play to get this $10 card… assuming you will get better with more rounds… i dont have that much to devote..,, but maybe your kid will..

    • Pedro says:

      Thanks, not worth it then unless you are already a player of the game in a daily basis then.

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’d estimate it would take closer to 4 hours. If you optimize your play strictly to collect boxes (like restarting the game when you get to a boss fight), you can get 50 boxes in about 5 minutes. I played on and off while watching a movie I wasn’t that into and got to 1,000 boxes.

      Regardless, it’s absolutely not worth your time if the only reason you’re playing is to earn $10. If you’re looking for a new casual game to fill downtime and you actually enjoy the game, then it’s worth trying to get the 2,500 boxes during the next week.

      • Chris getsfree says:

        I shaved off tons of time by killing sonic before boss fights and not doing those mid air bonuses.

  5. Y2Bogus says:

    I tried hard to like this game, but this is just tedium. No thank you.

  6. LD says:

    I did the whole thing in 4.5 hours of playing.
    At the of it , it says that gift cards will be send on July 1st

    • AFTVnews says:

      I’d say it took me about the same time. I used a speed boost at every start and restarted the game every time I reached the first set of launch pads. Doing that gets you 5 to 10 boxes each time in about 30 seconds. You can get around 5 boxes by not even looking at the game and just letting Sonic run through the middle with the boost, which is what I did half the time.

  7. Theo H says:

    It only took me 7 hours to get it (over the course of 3 days cause I didn’t want to waste family time) But it says I have to wait til July 1st lol, Here’s a tip though, everytime you get a ton of Amazon Boxes in the beginning, I’d suggest just stopping there and restarting as the farther you go the less Amazon Boxes appear according to how I played. So even though I’m JusTheoH The top 1% in the leaderboards, it doesn’t mean I got the Amazon Boxes any sooner than anyone else did.

  8. Brenda says:

    I played that stupid game for THREE DAYS (7 hours total) to get the $10 card. I finally got the 2500 boxes and my phone froze at the form. You only get ONE CHANCE at the form, so I get NOTHING. VERY pissed off for wasting all that time!

  9. sibodag says:

    did you get email after filling out the “Congratulation!” form? I just filled out the form with information required, but I have no idea whether I’m amongst the first 15.000 who get $10 gift card..

  10. Chris getsfree says:

    Anyone get there 10 dollars yet?

  11. Anthony says:

    Has anyone gotten it ? It’s taking a very long time

  12. Adam says:

    Still haven’t. Maybe we got tricked.

  13. AFTVnews says:

    I just received the $10 Amazon Gift Card code via email. See my update above for a screenshot.

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