Get 60 Amazon Coins (or more) for Free [Expired]


I’ve received word that Amazon is giving bonus Amazon Coins for purchasing any of these apps. It is unclear right now the exact details of this promo, but it looks like purchasing any $0.99 app will result in a net gain of coins. I personally purchased this Solitaire game for 99 coins and received 159 coins back. A net gain of 60 coins. Let us know in the comments which app you purchase and how many coins you get back.


Like with so many of these free coin deals, this one is very hit or miss. Some people are getting bonus coins and making a profit while others are only getting the coin amounts listed on the app page. The coin reward amount seems to vary from account to account and there is no way to know ahead of time if you’ll get bonus coins, so please proceed with the assumption that you may not get any bonus coins.

  1. JimB says:

    I bought the solitaire game linked in the post and received 159 coins (60 coin profit). Thanks!

  2. sadenom says:

    Snatched a $0.99 game that listed 30 coins as the reward. Ended up with a 56 coin gain (-99 +30 +125). Weird, but I’m not complaining. (I really wish Amazon made it more clear where these bonus coins came from.)

  3. mark says:

    solitare game :D

  4. Monica says:

    Didn’t work. Only got 30 coins. :(

  5. Marek says:

    I didnt get the extra 60 coins by purchasing the solitaire. Just spent 99 coins + tax and got 60 coins back, as listed on the game page.

  6. Joshua Gatcomb says:

    I tried Zombie Gunship as I already owned most of the 99 cent apps for the Fire TV. I didn’t get any bonus coins.

    As an FYI, Jewelion is free again as well as Sudden Death Trivia

  7. Lynda W. says:

    I went to the link for the solitaire game and then purchased multiple solitaire apps (free cell, spider, klondike) and sudoku with my coins and received coins for each one. Thanks for the info.

  8. SmRtShoppR says:

    I bought the Solitaire app mentioned in the deal post and only received the promised 60 coins back, for net loss of 39 coins.

    Thanks for sharing anyway. :)

  9. Rick O. Shay says:

    I bought several apps yesterday, never rec’d. more than the 30 coins promised. Still 30% off wasn’t too bad, and all costs were paid in coins previously obtained thru specials I was alerted to via AFTVN, so no complaints!

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