Get 3 Audible Audiobooks plus $10 Amazon Credit for FREE — Previous customers are eligible [Expired]


One of today’s live Countdown Prime Day Deals is a 3 month trial of Audible for free. Additionally, you’ll receive $10 in Amazon credit applied to your Amazon account automatically just for signing up for the free trial. Audible provides the largest collection of audiobooks. A subscription, which normally runs $14.95 per month, grants you one free audiobook each month. So, this 3 month free trial is equivalent to 3 free audiobooks. If you cancel your subscription before the 3 months are up, you don’t pay anything, and get to keep the free $10 and the 3 audiobooks. This promotion is for first time Audible customers only does work for previous Audible customers and is available today (7/7) and on Prime Day (7/12) only. The free $10 credit will not appear on your Amazon Credit Balance page. Instead, you’ll see it appear as an “Audible Promotion” discount the next time you buy something on Amazon. Be sure to be ready for Prime Day by reading up on the types of deals we can expect and keep an eye on my Prime Day Hub where I’ll be posting all the best deals I find.

  1. tubemonkey says:

    This is what I got when I attempted to get the offer:

    “The Prime 3-month offer is available to new customers who have not had a chance to try Audible yet. It looks like you’re already an Audible member – thank you! If you have any questions about your membership, please contact us.”

  2. Vanb says:

    Thanks. It worked for me. I’ve had the free trial before, but I’ve never been a regular Audible subscriber.

  3. Katie B. says:

    Didn’t work for me. I’ve done the free trial before. Probably didn’t work because it wasn’t that long ago.

  4. Burley Thomas says:

    i saw no way to get the three books…. i am already a member, and it did nothing but send me to a purchase page for the 3 credits :(

  5. Big John says:

    This is why I come here every day, and why this site is so valuable. I have never been an Audible customer, so the deal worked for me. I now have one Audible credit in my account (2 more to post in the coming months) plus a $10 Amazon credit for a future qualifying purchase. Thank you again, Elias, for providing this site, and for all you do to keep us up on all the latest deals at Amazon.

  6. Christopher Loughrey says:

    They’re giving European customers terrible countdown deals

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