Get $200 free when signing up for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

Amazon is now offering select Prime members a $200 signup bonus for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa. This bonus is normally $100, and occasionally increases to $150, but this is the first time I’ve seen it climb to $200. If you shop at Amazon or Whole Foods with any kind of regularity, this card is a must because it gives you 5% off of all purchases at both places. Additionally, Amazon is constantly running promotions that give even more cashback on select products, such as the 10% cashback promo that is currently offered for purchases of the Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, and Fire TV Cube, among other things, when using this card. Non-Prime members can only receive a $100 sign up bonus, so the additional $100 bonus amount that you get for being a Prime member will nearly pay for your membership if you signing up for Prime first and then sign up for the Prime version of the rewards card. The increased $200 signup bonus started today and will be available through Nov 30. This card has no annual fee.

  1. Gareth Price says:

    Have you seen this news item relating to Amazon in the UK Elias?

  2. Frank Hiett says:

    Is this the same as the store card?

    • No, they are two different cards. You can have both cards. They both give you 5% back on Amazon, but only the Visa gives you this $200 sign-up bonus. Also, this Visa can be used at Whole Foods for 5% cashback but the store card cannot.

      • Frank says:

        So I already have prime would I just get the card and then pay for prime video for a year with the card

        • If you’re already a Prime member and get the card, you will receive $200 worth of credit to do with as you please.

        • TechyChris says:

          Hi…jumping into this comment string with some friendly advice.
          Cancelling a Credit Card “may” affect your credit score, especially if you use the card for only a short time (I would say one year or less qualifies as “A Short Time”). The answer is Yes you can cancel the card but I would evaluate whether it’s worth the $200 promo bonus to go through this. If you are planning on keeping and using it as your primary purchase card long term then maybe but if it’s just to get an upfront bonus I would think twice. My 2 cents. Have a good night.

          • Frank says:

            Thanks appreciate your advice

          • Red says:

            If you have a good score and some history on a few other cards I wouldn’t worry about it much. I’ve been churning card bonus/spend offers for ages and while closing cards when I’ve cashed in the bonus does have an effect on scores it is really minimal if you have a long history and a decent score. I haven’t seen below 800 in any of the many scores I track in ages. Now closing your oldest credit card account(s) will have a significant effect on your score so if you have a card that is 20, 30 etc. years deep don’t ever close it. Use it a few times a year so they won’t cancel it for inactivity (Capital One is especially notorious, no warnings, just bam! Cancelled).

  3. Frank says:

    Thanks good to know

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