Get 2 Echo Dots for $49.98 if you’re willing to chat with Amazon Customer Service [Expired]

The Echo Dot product page currently lists a promotion at the bottom that says you’ll receive $30 off the purchase of 2 Echo Dots. Since the Echo Dot is currently on sale for $39.99, that means two of them will cost you $49.98. However, only a $10 discount is being applied to the order at checkout, for a total price of $69.98. Several people have confirmed that Amazon’s Customer Service is applying the additional $20 discount retroactively when asked, so if you’re willing to have a short chat with customer service, you can buy two Echo Dot’s for $49.98 total. Thanks jimberkas for the heads up!

  1. Dave says:

    I bought the two Echo Dots and now I’m fighting with customer service via Chat over this issue. They say the current $10 discount on each individual Dot counts toward the $30, so they say I already got my total of $30 discount. They are blaming a “website error” for the way the promotion is working. I’ve asked to speak to a supervisor.

  2. Dave says:

    The supervisor refuses to give me any additional discount.

    >>Me: The current website says that I should be able to get a $30 discount applied during checkout, yet I only got a discount of $10. Even if the website was not working correctly, I think that I should be entitled to the additional $20 discount that was advertised and I did not get. When I placed the order, I followed the instructions

    >>Mohammed: I can understand.

    There is a known issue going on regarding this.

    It will be cleared soon.

    >>Me: Yes, but before the problem is fixed, the website says people can get a $30 discount applied to their order. It still says this! And now it sounds like Amazon is refusing to comply with the terms of its own offer.

    >>Mohammed: I am sorry for any inconvenience.

    >>Me: Just to be clear, you are refusing to give me the additional $20 discount that was advertised, correct?

    >>Mohammed: Yes, Dave. I am sorry.

    Since there is a known issue going on it will be cleared soon.

    These errors are usually corrected shortly after they’re reported. Let me assure you that we are here to take care of your problem and we do take full responsibility for any trouble you have.

    • Dave says:

      Good news! Toward the end of the chat, Mohammed offered to connect me to someone via phone call, and I gave him my U.S. phone number. A support rep called me from Seattle, and after I explained I never got the $20 discount, she checked my account and then issued me a $20 “courtesy credit” which I can apply to my next order. I am happy now!

      FYI – I recommend that anyone else contacting Amazon to get the their missing discount should try the “Phone Call” option rather than the “Chat” option. Those chat reps are tough (and not very customer-friendly in this case)…

  3. Norman Penn says:

    No longer available. Fixed webpage yesterday around 4 pm PST.

  4. Carter S. Johnson says:

    It’s really time for Amazon to permanently lower all Echo prices, especially the Dot and leverage the savings by selling home automation products to those customers. If they marketed these smarthome accessories better they’d clean up.

    • tampa8 says:

      I’m not following that. Amazon has sold literally tens of millions of their devices, they are outpacing all others combined. They seem to have settled at a good price point. Do you really want them to start having advertisements or raising the prices of other devices to subsidize them? I’m fine with the cost of a DOT or the new Echo particularly when it often has a discount. I have doubts they have lost many sales due to cost when a Dot is so affordable already and with the new lower cost of an Echo.
      I am even more opposed to your idea with all the advancements to the devices and use of them Amazon has made. Again they have a good balance of initial cost and what you can do with them without buying anything else. I don’t want to pay less but be required to pay more elsewhere.

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