Get $10 Amazon Appstore Credit for downloading a specific game [Expired]


Amazon is currently running a promotion where you will receive $10 in Amazon Appstore Credit for downloading the game Hay Day. Unfortunately, the game is not compatible with Fire TV devices, so you’ll need to have a compatible Android phone or tablet. It’s unclear if “purchasing” the game by selecting the “cloud only” option is enough to qualify for this promotion. The game must be downloaded by August 31st and only customers who have not previously downloaded the game will qualify. You should receive an email informing you of the $10 credit within a few days of downloading the game.


8/4/16 Emails informing customers that the $10 has been applied to their account are starting to roll out. I received mine early this morning. Note that the $10 credit does not appear in your digital balance. Instead, it just shows up as a promotional discount when purchase an app or game. Just buy a game with dollars, not Amazon Coins, and it will automatically use the $10 promo credit.

10-hay-day-promo-credit-email appstore-purchase-promo-credit

  1. Matthew says:

    Would this be applicable to the purchase of Amazon Coins? I’m unsure if those purchases are technically made from the app store. Thank you, in advance, love your site!

  2. jimberkas says:

    posted on slickdeals yesterday and not many people are having success getting the credit. i downloaded the game a little while ago and I’m not seeing the credit yet. nice deal, if it works.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The credits in these types of promotions are hardly ever issued immediately. I expect the emails will start rolling out in a few days. Thankfully, there’s nothing to lose, other than a minute of your time, for trying.

  3. Tony Ramirez says:

    Just downloaded it cloud. Who knows if I will get the $10 credit no big deal anyway but let you know.

  4. Kamex009 says:

    I saw this promo on Slickdeals a couple of days ago and got the game, “didn’t download it” , just bought it, and today I got an email from Amazon saying that I have the $10 credit for purchasing it, but can’t see the balance when checking it on the page… I’ll see if I can purchase something… but what app is worth “paying for” … :P

    • Tony says:

      Maybe some $3 to $10 firetv games are worth paying for, or the kodi fork, mrmc…
      I also never downloaded it, just bought it and waiting for the email. Hope we get the credits to use or save.

      • Kamex009 says:

        I’ll purchase MrMC , don’t know of anything else that I can use it for since I don’t play games and I hope that by purchasing MrMC will help the developers.

    • Jim says:

      So can this be used on pre order games like Gears of War 4?

  5. Grabbed it Aug 1 night, received this email at 1am this morning:

    “Thank you for your download of Hay Day from the Amazon Appstore. Your $10 Amazon Appstore credit has been added to your account and will expire in 30 days. This credit is usable towards your next purchase of an app, game, or in-app purchase sold by”

  6. Kamex009 says:

    Although the credit never showed up on the Balance page, it did apply when I made the purchase of MrMC

    Items Ordered
    MrMC[Apps for Android]
    Sold By: Amazon Digital Services LLC


    Item(s) Subtotal: $5.99
    Promotions: -$5.99
    Total Before Tax: $0.00
    Tax Collected: $0.00
    Total for this Order: $0.00

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