Get 1 Year of Paramount+ and a Free Fire TV Stick for $24.99 — That’s 50% off the regular subscription price

Paramount+ is running a promotion that gets you a 1-year subscription and a Free Fire TV Stick Lite for just $24.99. The “Essential” subscription, which includes “limited ads” normally costs $49.99 annually, so you’re getting that at 50% off plus the value of a Fire TV Stick Lite which runs between $29.99 at its list price and $11.99 at its absolute best past sale price. If you prefer the “Premium” subscription instead, which includes no ads “except live TV & a few shows,” then you can choose that and pay $49.99 instead of the usual $99.99 price, and still get the free Fire TV Stick Lite. If you’re asked to enter a promo code, which you shouldn’t be if you follow the link above, enter UEFA50. This promotion ends November 3rd or until the supply of free Fire TV Stick Lites runs out.

  1. Eric M. says:

    Perfect timing since my annual account was about to renew. Had to switch email on existing account and then signed up with my preferred email account again with this deal added. Then went to old account and canceled. With household student discount for Spotify bundle ($4.99/month Spotify/Hulu/Showtime) ending also added Showtime too. Not good enough to pay the student loan off but for student eligible programs that bundle was good while it lasted. Thanks again Elias!

  2. Mike says:

    Thanks! My current sub was expiring today – couldn’t have been more timely :)

    • Mike says:

      Just realized that they never asked for my address info. I guess that means they’ve already run out of the free Fire TV Stick Lite, or the annual Premium doesn’t include it after all?

      • Usually, these free device promos will email you in a few days with instructions for how to get the device. With Fire TVs, it’s usually a unique promo code that you enter in Amazon’s checkout, but I couldn’t figure out if that’s how this particular promo will work. I expect they’ll remove mention of a free Fire TV Stick Lite from the landing screen once they’ve run out, so if you’re sure it mentioned the free device when you clicked, then you’ll likely get it eventually.

        • Toshi says:

          My sub expired yesterday and I renewed it right after getting the email. I got my code and ordered my free Fire Stick Lite about an hour ago. The link takes you to the unit without the shortcut buttons. I wanted that one anyway. Not sure if it works with the stick that has the new remote.

    • RR says:

      Actually DITTO for me!

  3. GregK says:

    I believe I have the world’s record for redeeming this promo. I got the Amazon promo code for the FireStick and ordered it yesterday morning at 9. I received it from Amazon at 2:15 yesterday afternoon.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I attempted to use the offer to renew my subscription, but could not find where to use the code.

    I then cancelled the subscription.

    Now I have been charged twice for the Premium package.

    Be careful clicking the buttons on Paramount Plus.

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