German Amazon now also no longer selling new Fire TVs

It looks like yesterday’s fire sale on Amazon’s German site, which discounted the Fire TV by a heafty 30%, was a success if its intention was to clear out current stock of Fire TVs. Germany has joined the US in no longer selling new Fire TVs with no estimated date for when the device may be back in stock. Like in the US, Amazon Germany is still selling refurbished Fire TVs as well as new Fire TV Sticks. This makes Amazon’s UK site the only place to buy new Fire TVs directly from Amazon. The UK site still has their Fire TV on sale, so they may also be working on clearing out stock to make way for a new Fire TV. Hopefully this means that the UK and Germany will receive the next generation Fire TV at the same time as the US, instead of having to wait several months like they did with the current Fire TV.

  1. Fired says:

    I’m getting excited with all these “sold out” stories. I wonder what the next device will be like!

  2. Masterblaster8987 says:

    Ready for a strong refresh with more built-in storage, processing power, and customization! What do you all want in the next AFTV?

  3. hdmkv says:

    Hope it’s not just a new Fire TV Stick. Really hoping for a true Fire TV box replacement with at least 16GB storage, more powerful CPU and 4K (with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2) support.

  4. Some One says:

    FirePhone on Deal of the Day.
    Today on

  5. ralph kaz says:

    if the box goes away and there is only a stick – the price of the firetv might actually go up (especially if anyone has any brand new ones on hand)…

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