Generic Alexa-compatible mini smart plugs are on sale for $5.99 or less

Amazon currently has various packs of Alexa-compatible ISELECTOR mini smart plugs on sale for $5.25 to $5.99 per plug, depending on how large of a pack you buy. The 1-pack is $5.99 with promo code YQSSDV6F, the 2-pack is $10.99 with promo code SBHZKZBK, the 3-pack is $15.99 with promo code RX8USF9I, and the 4-pack is $20.99 with promo code DKVNPHV6. I have no experience with these plugs or this brand, but expect to be giving up something, since you’re essentially getting 4 plugs for the price of 1 name-brand plug. Usually, the worst aspect of these plugs is the software/app, but once you set them up, you’ll be able to use the Alexa app and voice commands from then on, so you shouldn’t need to use their own software much.

  1. Kevin says:

    Order the 2 pack. The promo code knocked of $18 (nice)… we’ll see how they work.

  2. Shawn Roth says:

    This device has no reviews..and the question/answer section has two people trying to contact the manufacturer, and someone else who called it a piece of just (I’m assuming he meant junk). I’m out..but thanks for posting.

    • AFTVnews says:

      The 4-pack is the only one with reviews. A commenter on another site speculated that Amazon wiped out all the reviews because the manufacturer solicited reviews.

  3. Jon says:

    I bought these plugs last time they were on sale. Overall I am very happy with them, but there are a few negatives. As mentioned in the article the software is a little lacking, but its mostly that there are three different apps for these plugs. Depending on if you use Alexa or the Google Home depends on which app you use. Not really sure what the third app is for. The apps all look the exact same except compatibility with the different voice assistants. Outside of that little annoyance the apps are perfectly fine. They have some basic stuff like setting up timers and such.

    The worst thing I have noticed with the plugs is that occasionally the button on the plug does not work to turn off what ever you have plugged in them. I dont figure this will be an issue for most people as I rarely ever use the button, and the few times I have it works 90% of the time.

    Bottom line for the price, I plan on ordering another four pack or two.

  4. Richard C de Treville says:

    I have a variety brands of WiFi smart plugs in use throughout my home, connected and working with my Alexa and Google Assistant devices (I typically just grab whatever is on sale at the time, or sometimes a plug will come as a bonus item/’free’ add-on item along with other IoT items purchased). Some of the WiFi plugs I own and use daily might be described as being more “name-brand,” while others are pretty generic.

    I will say: in the 1.5 years now that I’ve lived with these various WiFi plugs installed in my home/connected with my virtual/smart assistants, the plugs I have come to hate the most are from a “name brand,” while the plugs I like best and find to be the most dependable/find require little to zero regular maintenance/configuration were purchased on Amazon and were sold under the brand name “Depstech,” but appear to be the exact same device as these ISELECTOR plugs listed for sale in this article above (look up ‘Depstech’ for yourself on Amazon and compare them to the ISELECTOR plugs listed here for sale – the only difference seems to be the name/location of where the logo was printed on the device. My “Depstech” plugs use the same “Jinvoo Smart” app that these ISELECTOR plugs apparently require (though yes, there are a couple of other apps which are essentially the same exact app as Jinvoo that you can apparently use. I never have to reset or re-program these plugs and they work every time I switch them on and off with no downtime. Another thing I like about the design of these plugs, which seems so basic yet somehow other manufacturers still get wrong, is their shape and the fact that you can plug two Wifi switches into your standard US outlet at the same time. It’s so dumb that my more expensive WiFi switches are obnoxiously big and bulky and oval-shaped take up more space than they should when plugged in, resulting in your only being able to have one smart plug connected to your outlet at a time. I can’t for the life of me fathom why something so basic and common-sense seems to be frequently overlooked by so many WiFi smart plug designers/manufacturers.

    I just bought four of these and I’ll let you know how they turn out. I’m 95% certain they will perform as solidly as the “Depstech” smart plus devices they closely resemble.

  5. Mark says:

    I bought a couple awhile ago for my disabled sons apartment. Have had zero problems. They just work.

  6. Jon says:

    These are good. You can open these up with a dremel and flash with a custom firmware and use them “cloud free” (timers, Alexa, home assistant, etc). Not easy, but a fun project. Search for espurna on GitHub. These are xenon model.

  7. URMyBudE says:

    Agree that these are good quality. 10 amp rating to boot! The Jinvoo app is reasonably straight forward (see YouTube video on setup and Alexa discovery), but the Alexa iOS app continues to plaque users with a very poor and confusing GUI. Even the web-based Alexa app is crap. Before running Alexa discovery, ensure that you are in YOUR Alexa account, not some other household user’s account. Note that after registering in the Jinvoo app and verifying via texted code (email option does not work), if the plug’s indictor light is off or solid blue after it is plugged in, unplug and wait 10 sec, replug and press & hold button for 5 sec until light flashes blue, then run Alexa discovery in Alexa app or by voice. Test the plug in the Jinvoo app, Alexa iOS app, and Alexa devices.

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