GameFly pulls cloud gaming app from Fire TV devices

GameFly has pulled their cloud gaming app from Amazon Fire TV devices. It’s unknown if the game streaming service is shutting down for good, but the app is not only unavailable to download anymore, but customers are reporting that the app has actually been pulled off of their Fire TV devices.

GameFly Streaming started life as Playcast and offered console gaming on Fire TVs in 2014, as long as you had a solid connection to their cloud servers, where the games were actually being run. The service was quite promising and a decent option for those who didn’t want to buy a high-end game console. Playcast merged with GameFly, the game rental company, and launched as GameFly Streaming on Fire TV devices in 2015.

The shutdown of GameFly Streaming likely has to do with Electronic Arts (EA) acquiring GameFly’s cloud gaming technology about a month ago. At the time, it wasn’t said what would become of the GameFly Streaming service, but it appears as though EA and GameFly will not continue to offer the service on Fire TV devices.

  1. MarkyR74 says:

    Ah typical, EA likes to ruin good things for consumers, they truly are an evil corporation with disposable behaviour.. they’ll try to monetise the hell out of this service, probably make you pay per minute and not month.

  2. JHow says:

    Just got a chyron on my TV about the service ending on August31st. Samsung TV. I don’t use Gamefly but apparently they’ll pulling it off there too or shutting the entire thing down.

  3. The Brain says:

    Gamefly Shutting Down Video Game Streaming Service This Month – Variety

  4. Anjelica says:

    I was wondering what happened bc I couldn’t find it. Now they got these kiddy games on Amazon ugh… that’s one of the reasons I bought Amazon tv for the streaming of games n movies/ shows.

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