Full list of all Services, Apps, Channels, & Devices integrated into Fire TV’s Live Experience & Channel Guide (Updated)

The Amazon Fire TV’s Live Experience, which makes accessing live linear content easier through various interfaces including a Live Tab, traditional Program Guide, and Home screen rows, has continuously evolved over the years. It started with the first Fire TV Edition televisions as the way to access antenna channels through the TV’s built-in OTA tuner and then expanded to all Fire TV devices with the inclusion of Prime Video Channels, streaming services, and apps. Here’s the full list of streaming services, apps, channels, and devices that integrate into the Fire TV’s Live TV interfaces.

Note that only U.S. channels and services are listed.

Paid Streaming Services/Apps

These are paid services that provide cable-like packages of live channels that are streamed over the internet.

Free Streaming Services/Apps

These apps offer a variety of content that is organized into channels.

Prime Video Channels

Prime Video Channels are additional subscriptions added to your Prime membership. In addition to the live channels listed below, each subscription comes with a large selection of on-demand content.

Antenna Devices

The local Over-The-Air (OTA) channels picked up by an antenna connected to the built-in tuner in Fire TV Edition televisions and in the Fire TV Recast DVR are integrated into the Fire TV’s Live TV Experience and Channel Guide. There is no monthly subscription fee for either.

  • Amazon Fire TV Recast: Channels vary by those available in your location. The 2-tuner model with 500GB DVR is $229.99 and the 4-tuner model with 1TB DVR is $279.99.
  • Fire TV Edition televisions: Channels vary by those available in your location. Fire TV Edition Televisions start at $149.99.

12/14/20 IMDb TV added
1/19/21 Tubi added
1/21/21 AMC+ added
2/22/21 Xumo added
3/3/21 News by Fire TV, Plex, and Thursday Night Football added
5/3/21 Discovery+ added

  1. Stephen A. Cuevas says:

    Any idea why Pluto only affords 52 – channels on the Live Experience / Channel Guide?

    • Ron says:

      Pluto doesn’t include any of the expensive sports channels. I tried 4-5 streaming packages and settled on Pluto and Locast.

  2. Lonster3000 says:

    No support for HDHomeRun devices? That would make this truly awesome.

  3. oasis_001 says:


    AMC+ subscription service should be added to the PRIME VIDEO CHANNEL listings with LIVE TV channels.

    5 Channels for $8.99/month (AMC Plus, AMC, BBC America, IFC, Sundance TV)

    • Nice catch! Thanks for pointing it out. I’ve added it to the list.

      • JS says:

        Any idea or rumor if Discovery+ is going to integrate into Live TV once they launch live streaming of their channels (which they are adding to their classic Discovery+ platform by the end of this month)? This would make a great integration for Amazon Live and cord cutters.

        • oasis_001 says:

          It would be nice if they integrate LIVE TV feeds with Discovery+, but I think here in the US what we might get are curated Playlist/Channels of popular content, similar to what Peacock does with their service.

          Below is their description of the difference between Discovery GO app and Discovery+ streaming service. Sounds like they want to keep LIVE TV feeds tied to a cable subscription.

          GO vs discovery+
          Unlike the GO apps, discovery+ does not require a cable TV subscription. Once you sign up for discovery+, you can start streaming more than 55,000 episodes with your internet connection. Also, discovery+ is available ad-free.

          We will continue delivering high quality, world-class content to all of our customers. If you are a cable subscriber with access to Discovery networks, you will still have access to our live feeds and on-demand content through our GO apps.

  4. oasis_001 says:

    Has anyone with PHILO received an answer from Philo or Amazon as to why there is no audio with LIVE TV feeds when you have the pop up window in the upper right corner active?

  5. connie says:

    i have a fire stick that soplayer on now with new updates i can’t get in to watch tv does anybody have any ideas

  6. Charlie says:

    How do you get the free Sling channels added? Do you need an account?

  7. JS says:

    Sort of related—but how do you add Hulu Live channels to the Fire live channel guide? I know Sling (paid and free) integrates—doesn’t Hulu Live too?

    • Thomas Hoang says:

      I’d like to know this as well. Hulu Live TV doesn’t seem to be integrating into my Live Experience on my Fire Stick 4K. Maybe it only works once it updates to the new Fire TV interface?

      • JS says:

        Mine is a 4K stick too and I don’t see the integration either. I was wondering if I just wasn’t doing something right

        • awc says:

          I have Hulu Live and there was an software update after the announcement that they would show up in the live guide last summer but it never worked. Hulu showed up as a sync source under live tv in settings for awhile but then it disappeared. I hope it is added at some point.

          • Bernie Mucitelli says:

            Confirmed from Amazon chat support agent. Hulu Live TV integration was disabled due to an error that would lead to receiving an “EPG is not available for the user” error message for all channels in the guide, defeating the purpose and Hulu hadn’t resolved this.

  8. SA says:

    Is there actually a SlingTV for Free?

  9. Cordfree says:

    Elias, I got the zumo channels added over the weekend, and noticed news by fire tv in the setting sync sources. If you like on it, not avail. But seems to be another on the way. Another related note. As recast is the only ota avail. for this. Is there anything you can share on that, (within your rules) as atsc 3.0 becomes avail

  10. Stephen J Anderson says:

    1st thanks very much for this maintained article. I do not believe this information is available anywhere else not even on Amazon. For those that have the Firestick 4k is there any info on if we will get the updated look. I have a standard HD stick as well and the double left tap on the pad to get to the Live Guide shortcut is HUUGE! I hate that the guide is all the way at the bottom of the Live area.

  11. Rik Emmett says:

    The live channels for plex showed up as a source to sync for the live guide on my 2nd gen box but not on my 3rd gen box.

  12. Rik Emmett says:

    The IMDB live channels don’t work when I try to open them from the live guide on my second gen box, instead they just open the IMDB app.

  13. Joyce Brewer says:

    Any idea when ATT TV will be available to integrate with Live TV on the Fire Stick?

  14. Troy Castineira says:

    I know it has been mentioned already but any word on how to get Hulu to sync. Hulu doesn’t even show up as a source in the live tv settings.

    • Bernie Mucitelli says:

      Confirmed from Amazon chat support agent. Hulu Live TV integration was disabled due to an error that would lead to receiving an “EPG is not available for the user” error message for all channels in the guide, defeating the purpose and Hulu hadn’t resolved this.

      • Thomas Hoang says:

        Thank you for this info. I have the new interface, and Hulu Live still doesn’t integrate. This page should also be updated because Hulu has since raised their price to $65, up from $55.

        • Thanks for the info! I’ve updated the article accordingly.

        • TechyChris says:

          $65!!! Yikes!!!
          FYI: If anyone has a college student in their home, with proper credentials they can get the Spotify Student Plan for $4.99 per month which INCLUDES:
          HULU(ad-supported version)
          AD-FREE MUSIC
          Seems like a better deal (unless one needs the full live TV Hulu)

      • Jennifer says:

        Is this the same for Prime Video channels?
        Friday I had a Prime Video channel guide and today i have no option to add them. The only option is to mute the previews. It’s not even an available option in the live Tab. I this is VERY inconvenient after having it for two years.
        The odd thing is that I still have it on my tv downstairs on that Fire TV stick

  15. Steven McMackin says:

    The Discovery Plus subscription adds 11 live channels to the Prime Video Channels and it should be updated!

  16. Jporch316 says:

    For anyone in the Uk
    – my5 syncs up and gives a few channels inc 5, 5isa, paramount and a couple others
    – Pluto syncs (but not all the channels in the app)
    – red bull tv syncs
    – tv player (free basic version ) syncs a handful of channels

    That’s about it – a lot of the apps mentioned above are region restricted inc IMDB

  17. Jonathan says:

    Any word on whether Amazon will integrate Locast?

  18. JG says:

    I desparately need my Prime Video channel guide back!
    Where did it go and why???? It’s not even an option an longer.

  19. Nicole Nethery says:

    Thank you for keeping this article updated! I only use the free apps listed here as all the free stuff in the App Store is pretty much the same and I have a FireTV Recast. Don’t want a bunch of duplicates clogging up my Firestick. Just noticed that Haystack News also integrates into the Recast channel guide. Better than Amazon News imo.

  20. Asha says:

    @Elias – I believe that Plex has now been integrated with 50 Channels.

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