Fubo TV increases price by $5 and automatically moves customers from base to mid-tier plan

Just one day after YouTube TV increased their price to $65, competing streaming TV service Fubo TV has announced that they’re increasing their two least expensive plans by $5. The Standard plan is going from $55/month to $60/month and the Family plan is going from $60/month to $65/month. Worse yet, Fubo TV has decided to automatically move all existing customers on the Standard plan to the Family plan to, as they put it, “provide more value.”

Fubo TV’s Standard and Family plans offer the same channels, but the Family plan gives customers 300 cloud DVR hours, instead of 50 on the Standard plan, and allows for 3 simultaneous streams, instead of 2 on the Standard plan. This means existing customers on the Standard plan will see a $10 increase to $65 month on their bills. Existing customers on the Standard plan can opt-out of the move to the Family plan, but they’ll need to call customer support. The number is 844-441-3826 and they’re available 7 days a week between 9:00 AM ET – 10:00 PM ET. The new prices go into effect on August 1st.

In addition to the price change, Fubo TV’s channel line up is losing some channels and gaining others. Starting today, WarnerMedia networks will be leaving all Fubo TV plans. These channels include TNT, TBS, CNN, CNN International, CNN en Español, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Turner Classic Movies, truTV and Boomerang. While those channels are being dropped, Fubo TV will be gaining Disney/ESPN channels, including ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN 3, ABC, ABC News Live, FX, FXX, Disney Channel, Freeform, and National Geographic.

If you’re looking for a less expensive alternative, Philo TV is $20/month for 60 channels. There’s also Sling TV for $30/month. There you’ll get either 30+ channels, if you want sports channels included, or 50+ channels if you can forgo sports channels. Both Philo TV and SLing TV come with the perk of being better integrated into the Fire TV’s channel guide. Now that Fubo TV is $55 for their base plan, you might want to consider Hulu Live, which costs the same.

  1. Miles Letrek says:


  2. Kevin says:

    I am content with Sling TV and antenna. I purchased their DVR sans hard drive so I get integrated channels but also have the FireCast and HDHomeRun off the same antenna for recording shows. Often just use the On demand from SlingTV. We needed the news channels which were separate but then the upped the price and added in the news channels so it was a wash. SlingTV has been giving us an 8-12 error (not authorized) even while we’re in the middle of watching something. Tends to happen after they have spun in some commercials. Rebooting the FireTV tends to cure it without any further logging into the service. We switched once PlayStation Vue increased their price. Then they went out of business (not our doing for sure). Still find all of these services too expensive but some folks in our household just like to channel surf. Slowing weaning them to on demand. We probably will drop a service or two in the next six months. We won’t be adding YouTube TV (although my friends need their Red Sox fix so this is about the only option for them). I only occasionally watch football and so I miss out on Monday night football but I refuse to pay the ESPN tax for 12 or so games.

  3. Juan C Figueroa says:

    Seems the so called cord-cutters will be at the same dilemma as when they had cable service since all streaming services keep upping their prices. At the end it will be the same or paying more.

  4. David Young says:

    Espn is not there yet but tnt and cnn are gone already?

    • The channels being removed have been removed today, but I don’t know when the new channels will arrive or if they’re already there.

      • Wayne kilgore says:

        Elias, you mention philo being better integrated in fire tv guide. I know sling is also. Is the any difference in the two integrations

        • Doh! My mistake. I hadn’t realized the Sling TV integration went live already. There’s a lot of Fire TV stuff in my head from the last year and it’s tough remembering which ones are live already and which ones are coming in the near future. I thought Sling TV integration was one of the ones that was coming soon. Thanks for the correction. I’ve updated the post.

    • Ryan says:

      ESPN, ABC, and the Disney channels will be added in August.

  5. Jose says:

    Yup, Fubo seems to be cable deja-vu all over again. We´ll give more and more channels you don’t watch, charge you much more, and move you to whatever package we want. Sounds familiar?
    I watch just European soccer and a few channels and was thinking of moving to Sling because they had a slightly lower price. Fubo’s price increase just pushed me towards the decision.
    I’m out of Fubo, moving to Sling.

    • Chris says:

      Especially if they just dropped TNT you’ll be losing the one whole Champions League they give us outside the added Bleacher Report subscription. Pissed all these leagues hiding behind subscriptions. Had to get ESPN plus to watch Napoli in Serie A. Between internet costs, subscription packages, streaming packages, paying just as much for cable.

  6. Jay says:

    They will both go hungry in two months.

  7. cag says:

    AT&T TV +$10 all pkgs new customers
    DirecTV +$10 all pkgs new customers

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