Freevee rumored to shut down now that Prime Video has ads too

Sources familiar with the strategy have told Adweek that Amazon plans to shut down its free ad-supported streaming service, Freevee, now that ads have made their way into Prime Video. However, Amazon has been quite quick to say “There are no changes to Freevee.” Given that you can already watch all Freevee content within the Prime Video app anyway, it may not be a bad idea to consolidate the two services.

Freevee started life in January 2019 as IMDb Freedive, before it was quickly renamed to IMDb TV. It was renamed again in April 2022 to Freevee, but, despite the multiple name changes, it has always been Amazon’s only completely free dedicated streaming service.

One hurdle to merging Freevee into Prime Video is Freevee’s lack of a requirement to create an account or sign in. This made the service easy to jump into and try. Prime Video, on the other hand, has always required an account of some sort. That might be reason enough for Amazon to keep Freevee around as a separate service.

  1. Robert Higgins says:


    • Shirley Dulcey says:

      The content on Freevee is all older stuff that Amazon can get cheaply; they can only spend so much on programming with advertising as the only revenue source. Unlike Pluto and Tubi they can’t draw heavily from a library that belongs to a parent company. They could put some older Amazon Originals and MGM movies on the service, but those are a drop in the bucket compared to Pluto’s access to CBS content and Tubi’s to Fox.

      • Phil says:

        I watch 3 Freevee Originals shows when I go to my parents that we really enjoy. Granted, 2 of them are a bit lowbrow, but they are fun (Leverage:Redemption and Almost Paradise). The 3rd show that’s really done is Bosch:Legacy, a fantastic continuation of the Prime series Bosch.

        • Kary says:

          It sucks that Bosch Legacy is on Freevee. Hopefully someday it will appear somewhere without commercials, although that is unlikely. I don’t need to see it that badly that I’ll watch it on Freevee.

    • Kodman says:

      Haha Right its so bad I went back to piracy cause at least it doesn’t show the same 4 ads every 10min, sometimes playing the same ad back to back 3 times in a row.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hollywood House Lift!

  3. Kirk Skorzak says:

    Amazon will drive a lot of viewers away if it merges Freevee With Prime Video. A large majority of the viewers watch because it is free, they don’t want to and won’t pay the exorbitant new rate Amazon charges for prime to watch a service loaded with ads. Especially since there are many, many other services with similar and the same content for much, much less of a fee.

    • Thomas says:

      Agreed. I literally cancelled Prime Video last week and have now been exploring a lot of the free options like Freevee, Tubi, and Pluto. I like the dedicated Freevee app. It would be too confusing and offputting to force viewers to watch it in the Prime Video app and constantly be reminded to pay for movies or sign up for Prime.

      • Robert Higgins says:

        Freevee has so many commercials, unwatchable.

        • jet_007 says:

          Second trolling post. Move on. FREEVEE has a very reasonable ad load in comparison to other free streaming services.

          • Phil says:

            Indeed. Sometimes they forget to air a commercial!

          • Shirley Dulcey says:

            The ad load on ad-supported services sometimes depends on the demographics of the viewer and the time of day you are watching. If nobody wants a particular placement, you’ll either get a self-promo or no ad at all. Also, advertising on kids’ shows is limited or non-existent. (Ad-supported Hulu, for example, plays no ads on children’s shows, no matter who is watching.)

        • Thomas says:

          I watched an episode of Top Gear, and I only saw 4 15 second commercials, and they were all ads of Freevee itself.

          • Kary says:

            That’s the sort of thing that really bothers me. Paramount+ shows commercials of their shows even if you pay for commercial free. Fortunately hitting back and restarting the program you wanted eliminates that.

            I think in the 6 months or so I’ve had P+ they’ve only shown one show I’d remotely be interested in.

          • Barry Fox says:

            One the most annoying things about watching non-pirate DVDs was the need to watch long scrolling copyright threats and trailers for other movies, before there was any chance to watch the movie you had paid to watch.

    • Freemz says:

      Freevee within the Prime app is still free, no Prime sub required at all.

      • Adam says:

        Right, but like Elias said, to use it in the Prime app, you need to have an account. Not Prime or anything, but at least an Amazon account.

        Freevee as it is now doesn’t require any account to use the app. Just download and fire it up. No fuss or login or anything.
        Moving it into the Prime app would remove that capability.

  4. Tingo says:

    It’s getting very confusing, if you now pay the extra for ad free is freevee ad free.

    • Anonymous says:

      No. The ad-free upgrade is for PRIME VIDEO content only. Not FREEVEE catalog titles or any Prime Video Channel subscriptions you have that include ads.

  5. Gary says:

    I find freevee hard to locate channels. It has a guide but No channel numbers and the channels seem to change positions. I like the Universal Monsters channel its hard to find at times. Sling has a free service without a subscription, it has a nice guide

  6. Barry Fox says:

    At the DTG Summit last year I asked Lisa Rousseau, Head of Amazon Freevee UK and Shahina O’Mahoney, Head of Licensed Content for Amazon Freevee UK, whether either of them had ever done the simple thing of sitting down with a Joe or Jo Public user of their services and seen how they struggle to navigate the jungle mish mash of paid Prime, purchase, hire and Freevee (with the confusingly similar name to Freeview). The only mumble answer they could muster was “People find Freevee in lots of ways”

    Barry Fox (

  7. Kary says:

    This was a false story from the original source. AFT should update.

    • Joe says:

      next time, try reading past the title before commenting.

      • Kary says:

        First, you do realize that web pages are not static, right?

        Second, my comment is correct, something most the commentors here at the time I posted didn’t realize. That was the reason for my posting.

  8. Mike says:

    When Amazon started moving their existing shows from Prime to Freevee, it ticked me off. When they started putting ads in Prime it ticked me off even more. When they started charging to avoid ads, which happened shortly before my Prime membership came due for renewal, I cancelled my Prime membership.

    I’ve started avoiding Amazon. They’re a PITA to work with, shop at or watch. Plus, most of the less expensive stuff is garbage and the more expensive stuff costs more than buying it elsewhere.

    • Thomas says:

      Same here, man. I cancelled Prime altogether last week (thankfully able to get a pro-rated refund). Got an Apple TV 4K and could not be happier. I was really surprised how much original Prime content is on Freevee, so I see why that upset you.

  9. Tj says:

    Lol. This will mean more ads during and before Prime content as seen on FREEVEE. Amazon continues to ruin everything about them.

  10. Joe says:

    next time, try reading past the title before commenting.

  11. Harry says:

    Original Freevee shows like Sprung are no longer free. Amazon now requires a paid prime membership to view.

    I watched it for free on Freevee a year ago and disappointed that a Freevee “Original” program is now behind a paywall despite still having Freevee logo on thumbnail. I still have an Amazon account, just no more $170/year prime membership.

  12. Keith says:

    Id say good but
    1. I don’t pay for so many streaming services just to watch ad supported stuff
    2. I won’t have that app taking up ultra precious space BUT
    i have no intention of sticking with fire tv
    At this point most cheap android tv boxes would be a better option

  13. Richard says:

    The Freevee Original movie from last year Puppy Love finally debuted in the UK earlier this month except it’s now a Prime Original now behind a paywall! It just makes sense to merge Freevee with Prime.

    • anon_001 says:

      I don’t know about that. Not having a ‘free’ FAST offering, which FREEVEE currently is, seems to go against the current trend. More people are seeking ‘free’ alternatives as a supplement to every increasing subscription based services. Makes sense for FREEVEE to remain available either as a standalone app or within PRIME VIDEO to capture as many users (i.e. ad dollars) as possible.

  14. Knolism says:

    Hope so. It’s just another app taking up space on my fire stick.

  15. Harry says:

    Would love an article on best FireTV hardware alternatives for those of us that maintain our own video libraries and maybe use one or two streaming services at a time.

    I’ve been team firetv since the 1st gen. Unfortunately, now that content is being pay-walled and advertizing on the homescreen has gotten beyond ridiculous!

    I can imagine the scenario of young children being exposed to all that advertising then demanding to watch shows that are going to cost the family extra.

    Anybody else still getting served up ads for the FireTV recast on the homescreen when you are hovering on the livetv icon? They can update the software to serve up more ads and restrict functionality but they don’t eliminate banner ads for discontinued products.

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