Free Amazon Credit with $25 and $50 gift card purchases [Expired]

Amazon is running a promotion for eligible customers that will get you a $5 Amazon credit when you purchase $25 in Amazon gift cards, and a $10 Amazon credit when you purchase $50 in Amazon gift cards. For the $5/$25 promotion, follow this link and enter promo code FEB25HIGLP at checkout. For the $10/$50 promotion, follow this link and enter promo code FEB50HIGLP at checkout. The promotion is good through February 14th. Not everyone is eligible. If you are not eligible, the pages linked above will display a message saying “Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this offer.”


  1. Dave Ninja says:

    I think you’re links may be backwards, the 10/50 one (2nd link) takes me to the 5/25 page. The other link (1st one) takes me to “you’re not eligible” so i assume its the the 10/50 page.

  2. tim` says:

    well, i was eligible for the 10/50 deal, bought myself a gift card, hoping that i would also get the $10 bucks. can’t seem to find that $10 anywhere, which basically means that i just forwarded them $50 to hold onto until i buy something again.

    not that i won’t, but i just don’t want anyone else to fall for what i fell for. if you’re going to try that trick, at least send it to another email of yours, not your amazon email.

    • jason says:

      Go to amazon chat with them and tell them the promo you took advantage of and all i was able to do that. They said there was an error on their end and the credit is showing expired therefore not showing on the customer end.

      So if they did it for me don’t see why not for you. Get your $10 man

  3. kathleen says:

    i chatted with amazon as well… got my credit!! thanks Jason!!!

  4. kathleen says:

    i chatted with amazon… thanks Jason!! got my $5!!

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This deal is only available to select customers, so the code may not work for you.

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