FOX NOW, FX, FOX Sports, National Geographic apps merge into new unified app for Amazon Fire TVs

FOX has pushed a major update to several of their Amazon Fire TV apps that merge together programming across multiple FOX networks. The FOX NOW app, as well as a newly released Nat Geo TV app, now provide access to content from FOX, FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2 FX, FXX, FX Movies, National Geographic, and Nat Geo Wild all within the same app. A live stream of all networks is available within the app for those who activate with a TV service provider, which includes local FOX affiliates in select markets.

Each app that has received this unifying update includes a menu item, listed as “[network] Presents,” for each of FOX’s included networks. Regardless of which network app you have installed, you’ll be able to watch content from other FOX networks. Not all FOX apps have been updated with this new interface, but it seems like they will all eventually receive this unifying update.

FOX has not replaced the individual network apps with a single app because the individual apps do still contain menus that allow you to dive deeper into content from that particular network. For example, while the Nat Geo app does now contain an “FX Presents” menu where you can watch FX shows without leaving the Nat Geo app, it also contains menus like “Exploration & Adventure” and “Animals” that are specific to Nat Geo that you won’t find in the other FOX apps.

A great feature of all of the new unified apps is a traditional program guide that shows you what is currently airing on all of FOX’s networks. You can jump into the live stream of any network, provided that you’ve activated the app with a TV service provider. A live stream of my local FOX channel, which is FOX 11 Los Angeles, is also listed in the program guide with an available live stream. Selecting a specific show or movie from the program guide also gives you the option to restart the program from the beginning.

The new unified FOX NOW app supports the Fire TV’s single sign-on feature. If you’re already signed in with a TV provide through another app that supports single sign-on, the app will instantly be activated without the need to log in again. Once activated, the app displays exactly which FOX networks you’ll have access to within the app.

  1. Ryan says:

    This is great! I hope more content providers offer this soon. My screen is getting pretty full of app icons. And it opens more people to content from other channels they may not know they’d be interested in.

  2. Daryl Bird says:

    Well Gish how long has it been broke amazing that not a single person will take the initiative to fix Fox Now…Amazing

  3. Joe says:

    I just don’t want to lose Simpsons World on FXNOW app.

  4. Billy says:

    I have had this update for at least 2 months now. I have a firetv 2. I can still use the regular fxnow and fox sports go apps too.

  5. beq says:

    Thank you for this detailed rundown. On other platforms like Roku that have had the unified app contents, I’d wondered if there were any benefits to keeping more than one of the apps, and you actually explained it. I’d kept Fox Now and deleted all the other Fox-owned apps on my family’s Rokus, but I never took the time to compare…

    It’s funny though that the unification efforts are still ongoing on some platforms, while Fox is in the midst of selling their cable properties to Disney. How soon before the FX/FXX/FXM/NatGeo/Wild content have to be “unmerged”, for example?

  6. Randall D Lind says:

    What is the name cause when I lunch Fox Now or FX Now it just stay stuck on the logo. I am on a FireTV 2nd gen

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