FOX NOW app adds support for 1st-gen Fire TV and Fire TV Stick


If you were bummed that the FOX NOW app didn’t support older devices still running Fire OS 3 when it was released last week, you’ve got reason to celebrate. Fox has just updated the app to now support all Fire TV devices, regardless of whether it’s new or old and regardless of which version of Fire OS it’s running. The new NBC app also supports all Fire TV devices, and has done so since it launched. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about the CBS app or ABC app. The former only supports devices running Fire OS 5, while the latter still only works on 1st-gen Fire TVs. Big thanks to a comment from Jonny for tipping me off on this change.

  1. tom42 says:


    I get “Install Failed” when trying to add this

    It is listed in the apps with a cloud on it, I click it and a little “box” says Install Failed

    • tom42 says:

      Forgot to mention I running rbox’s pre-rooted

      That is the first time I have ever seen “install failed”

  2. Paco Rocco says:

    I’ve got the same install failed. I’m also 1st Gen rooted running the latest rbox. Has anyone rooted in the latest rbox gotten this to work?

  3. Powarun says:

    I have install failed too. Just stock everything. Disappointing.

  4. deepasadish says:

    Yep. Same install failed for fox app on rbox rom.

    Also, the AT&T Uverse app doesn’t work. It installs, but when watching video, says something like device is not protected, etc.

    I guess we need hide root.

  5. Rusty says:

    The app won’t install on a unrooted Gen1 FTV as well.

  6. mfire says:

    When attempting to install FOX NOW on a Fire Stick the device returns an error “FOX NOW is incompatible with your device. You cannot purchase this app from this device.”

  7. Bibi says:

    FOXNOW doesn’t appear anywhere in the available apps on my Fire TV. WHERE IS IT?!?!??

  8. jthubb0 says:

    won’t load on my firestick with alexa voice. buffers for a long time then says internet connection required. I have internet connection and run many streaming services. FOXNOW just won’t work

  9. Timberal says:

    Same issue as above. All other streaming service work. FOXNOW says Internet connection required. My fire stick is up to date on latest software version.

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