Fox, Fox Sports, ESPN, and Haystack News are now integrated into the Fire TV’s Live tab and Channel Guide

The Fire TV’s live TV interface, which consists of the “Live” tab and the built-in channel guide, has expanded once again with new services that have integrated their live channels. The Fox app has integrated its live local channels, various Fox Sports channels, Fox News, Fox Business, and Big Ten network. The ESPN app has integrated its live cable network channels, for those with a TV provider subscription, as well as its ESPN+ live streams. The Haystack News app has integrated dozens of live news channels. These new additions bring the number of integrated apps and services to 30, which you can find listed here.

What’s noteworthy about these latest integrated services is that they are the first to integrate live channels that are accessible through a TV provider subscription. Prior to these additions, all integrated apps and services have either been free channels, such as through Pluto TV, or channels available through a stand-alone subscription, such as Sling TV. The addition of Fox channels and ESPN channels are the first TV-Everywhere channels to be surfaced in the Fire TV’s live tab and channel guide.

Installing the FOX NOW app, and logging in with a TV provider, will add 8 channels to the Fire TV’s program guide. The available channels are your local Fox affiliate, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Fox Soccer Plus, Fox Deportes, Fox News, and Fox Business. As with all live integrated services, you can hide, favorite, and reorder channels under the Fire TV’s Settings > Live TV > Manag Channels interface. If channels don’t appear, be sure you have launched and logged into the app, as well as synced channels under Settings > Live TV > Sync Sources.

In addition to channels appearing in the program guide, you’ll see Fox’s various channels in the Fire TV’s Live tab. Appropriate channels will appear in the “Live Sports” and “Breaking News” nows, and there will be a dedicated “Fox Now” row with all fox channels. Favoriting channels will cause them to appear at the front of these various rows, ahead of other channels.

ESPN’s integration, unfortunately, isn’t as thorough as most services that allow their channels to be surfaced in the Fire TV’s live interfaces. You won’t find ESPN channels in the Fire TV’s program guide at all. Instead, you’re only going to see channels appear in a “Live on ESPN” row within the Fire TV’s Live tab. This will be a mix of ESPN’s live linear cable networks, which are available when you log in to the ESPN app with a TV provider, and ESPN+ live streams that are available to those subscribed to ESPN’s stand-alone subscription service. If you only have access to one set of ESPN streams, there’s no way to remove the other set of live streams, but they are clearly labeled as “Requires a Cable Subscription” or “Requires an ESPN+ Subscription” in the Fire TV interface.

Haystack News has integrated 35 live channels that vary from their own channel categories, like “Editor Picks” and “Entertainment,” as well as several 3rd-party news channels, like ABC News, CBS News, Bloomberg Television, and more. There is also an assortment of live local news channels from areas like Tulas, Orland, Boston, Memphis, Dayton, and other locations. Haystack’s channels are available in the channel guide and the Live tab in the Breaking News row and a dedicated Haystack News row.

Lastly, Amazon has also integrated its own live shopping streams which feature hosts describing various products that can be purchased directly on the Fire TV while watching the stream. These streams are proved through the Amazon Live Shopping app, which, unfortunately now comes pre-installed on Fire TV devices.

Huge thanks to letour_001 that first spotted these newly integrated apps and commented about them!

  1. Ujn Hunter says:

    Nice… any idea if this will stop the ESPN+ App from requiring me to go to a computer to re-activate my Fire TV every other day? It’s getting super annoying.

    • I highly doubt it, but one can hope. I’m a firm believer that apps periodically deactivate on purpose to dissuade people from activating the apps of friends and family.

      • Ujn Hunter says:

        Possibly… still very annoying… especially since re-logging in requires a PC and you can’t just login from the App on the TV itself… which mean I need to go downstairs, go to the website… all while repeating the 6 digit code that the App requires for me to re-activate my TV that was working fine the day before. :|

  2. JACKIE says:

    THE MOUSE APP on my philips tv is stuck open and cant go to home page ithas got my tv stuck on mouse toggle lanch page for 3days

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