FOX brings their network programming to the Fire TV with new FOX NOW app


FOX has just released their FOX NOW for Amazon Fire TV devices. The app is unfortunately only compatible with Fire TV models running Fire OS 5, which include the 2nd-gen Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick with Voice Remote. A software update for older devices should arrive next month that brings the 1st-gen Fire TV and older Fire TV Sticks up to Fire OS 5, making them compatible with this app. Just like the new NBC app, new shows are available to stream through the app the day after they air, but unlocking the app through a traditional cable subscrption is required. For those without cable, new episodes will be available for free with ads 8 days after they originally air.

Unlike the NBC app, there is thankfully a key icon on video thumbnails which require a cable subscription to watch, so it’s easy to tell which episodes are available for those without a cable subscription. One major annoyance with the app is that the fast forward and rewind buttons on the Fire TV remote don’t work with the app. To move forward or back in a video, you have to navigate to the appropriate button in the on-screen interface and hold the select button down. Hopefully this is just an early bug that will be resolved soon.

Like all of the apps from the big four US broadcast networks, there is no live stream available through the FOX NOW app. FOX does have a unique feature where FOX will keep track of your viewing progress, history, and favorited shows in order to sync your preferences across devices. FOX says that up to 5 new episodes at any given time, which normally wouldn’t be available until 8 days have passed, will be made available without activating the app. Additionally, the full current season of a show will be available to stream for those who have unlocked the app with a cable provider, but those who haven’t will generally only have access to the last 5 episodes. Past seasons of shows will typically not be available through the app.

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  1. Jonny says:

    The app now works for 1st generation Fire TVs, I just installed it.

  2. Mike Agner says:

    Evidently not. I also have a first-gen stick, and all I get is ‘installation failed’

    Perhaps it hasn’t been released to everyone just yet – maybe in only certain regions, but it doesn’t work at all here in Maryland

  3. rampart51 says:

    FXNOW still is not supported on my Firestick. It will not let me download it.

  4. Esther Hunt says:

    Would like to add FOXNOW, With my recently acquired free Firestick, from Sling promotion, will i be able? Very interested in tv shows but, especially News

    • Donna Lee says:

      I just got my new upgraded Fire stick and have downloaded the fox news channel but I’m getting shows from tonight but not the full shows and not all of them but at least I can keep up if I decide to cancel my cable

  5. Michael Pascucci says:

    So I’m not sure if I’m understanding correctly, If I use the Fox News app the content is 8 days old, but if I sign in with a cable provider it’s up to date just obviously not live

  6. Jim Fogg says:

    I just can’t figure out if you can go back to previous seasons and binge the “Season 2” when “Season 3” comes up on the screen.

  7. Bill Stein says:

    Not working on my firestick

  8. Daigleville says:

    I just purchased my fire stick and downloaded the foxnow app. Its giving me the error code 100. I deleted it and redownloaded the app again but have the same issue.

  9. Melanie Lauck says:

    Im trying to find fox 59 local channel but don’t know where to find it or download it on koda

  10. Dave says:

    I have a 2nd generation Firestick. My cable provider is WOW! I only have WiFi-internet. I cut the cable. $ $170 a month and now $35 with autopay. I have an older tv. I’ve been watching Fox News live for a year now. Last night when I turned on Fox News it said your cable provider does not allow this application. ??????????? What can someone tell me??????

  11. Jerry Koller says:

    I have Fox News TV on my roku but cant get it on my fire stick I pay $64 a month

  12. debbie hostetter says:

    I typed in fox now app &cannot find it. Do I need to go to app store ? Witch one ? For fire stick.

  13. Sue says:

    On fore stick go totop bar scroll all the way left to hourglass type in fox. I got the app watched last 2 seasons and 2 new seasons only. It does work with Amazon fire stick.

  14. virginia jones says:

    Why can’t I get the fox app on my Firestick for free i got ABC,CBS,NBC. BUT I CAN NOT GET THE FOX !!!!

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