Ford to integrate Amazon Alexa into cars with SYNC Connect


Ford’s CEO Mark Fields revealed in their CES keynote plans to integrate Amazon Alexa into future models. Owners of Ford cars featuring SYNC Connect technology will be able to ask Alexa on the Amazon Echo and Fire TV for information about the state of their car, like the current range. You’ll also be able to remotely start your Ford car by simply asking Alexa to do so.

Additionally, Ford cars will have full Amazon Alexa voice capabilities built-in. From inside a SYNC Connect equipped car, you will be able to issue Alexa commands remotely to your Alexa capable devices. With an Amazon Echo or Fire TV acting as a home automation hub, Alexa commands from Ford vehicles will be relayed to your Echo or Fire TV to control any number of smart home devices. All the Alexa capabilities available through the Echo or Fire TV will also be available through the voice system inside Ford cars. Alexa support in Ford cars will be available later this year. With Ford vehicles soon being able to relay Alexa voice commands, it’s almost certain the ability will also be coming to the Alexa app.


  1. pmcd says:

    Very neat.

  2. Jennifer Payne says:

    Question? Every since I added my Echo decices in my home, ny Sync in my car needs to be reactivates to my phone on a weekly basis. Is it too many bluetooths?

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