For those important reminders, Alexa can now follow-up with you to make sure you didn’t miss the message

Having Amazon’s Alexa remind you to do something is great but, unlike Alarms that have to be dismissed, reminders can be easily missed if you happen to be out of the room when the reminder goes off and you don’t see the notification on your phone. If there’s a reminder that you absolutely don’t want to miss, you can now have Alexa follow up on a reminder to ensure you got the message or didn’t forget about it.

In the Alexa app, all reminders now have a follow-up toggle that can be turned on. Once enabled, Alexa will remind you again and again until the reminder is marked complete. For reminders that occur daily or multiple times a day, the follow-ups will come once an hour after the reminder initially goes off. For one-off reminders or recurring reminders that are less frequent than daily, Alexa will follow up the next day at the same time as the original reminder. If you’re setting up a new reminder by voice and you want Alexa to follow up with you, just say “Alexa, create a follow-up reminder.”

  1. Greg says:

    Nice but it could use some extended features. I don’t need to be reminded EVERY DAY, but maybe 30min after the reminder. It could be a bit more customizable ;-) baby steps.

  2. Laura says:

    “Alexa will remind you again and again until the reminder is marked complete…” The instructions failed to inform, What is the verbiage to “mark complete.” One could ask Alexa but she doesn’t know either!

    • David Morris says:

      Same question here – – my Mom gets a 9am “take my medication” reminder and she’s very annoyed that Alexa keeps reminding her every hour on the hour to take meds (I’m searching to find what the exact phrasing is to dismiss so she can keep it on a card nearby).

  3. Just Helping says:

    Saying “Alexa Stop” works for me to end the current reminder

  4. Alycia says:

    Love this option. I would love the option for an hourly follow up for weekly tasks. For example, my take out the trash reminder needs an hourly follow up. Following up the next day is pointless, since I’ll have already missed the pickup by that point. Same with recycling.

    • ReanimationXP says:

      Alexa does follow up hourly by default, but turning it on is tricky. You have to create the reminder and then in a followup statement say, “For my 5:30pm reminder, follow up until it is done.” She’ll remind you every hour until you mark it complete.

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