Flixster no longer compatible with Amazon Fire TV


It appears that, about a week ago, Flixster dropped support for the Amazon Fire TV. The app is still compatible with the Fire TV Stick, but can oddly no longer be installed on the Fire TV. This is significant because the Flixster app alows you to watch UltraViolet content on a Fire TV. UltraViolet is the cloud-based library for movies and television shows, run by an alliance of film studios and retailers. The service is in direct competition with Amazon’s Instant Video library. Hopefully the loss of Fire TV support for Flixster is just a temporary hiccup, like we’ve seen in the past, and not a diliberate move by Amazon to block UltraViolet access on their flagship media streamer. For the time being, if you need to, you can download the latest Flixster APK file from here and sideload it onto your Fire TV. If you already have Flixster installed on your Fire TV, it should continue to work, but you will be unable to re-install it if it gets deleted.


7/26 @ 8:53am Flixster has responded to my inquiry and simply said that “the Flixster app on Fire TV is no longer available.” I interpret that as meaning its removal was not a mistake. My guess as to why it’s still available on the Fire TV Stick is that, since the app is featured on the Fire TV Stick box, they may be contractualy obligated to support the Stick for the time being.

7/26 @ 3:36pm Looks like someone at Flixster took notice and re-enabled support for the Fire TV. As of right now, the app is once again available for both the Amazon Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.

  1. Craig says:

    That app is old as the Google TV hills. Hopefully they’ll bring it back when Lollipop is available and they can make one app to cover both Android TV and Fire TV. Or maybe even just implement Amazon Fling into the mobile app. Wish Amazon would bring Ultra-Violet to Instant Video.

  2. Ottis says:

    i was under the impression that Amazon touted the Fire TV as an open platform, guess I was wrong. I have a Fire TV and Roku, Fire TV covers all my streaming needs except Vudu I have to switch to Roku for that. Not that big of a deal but would rather have it all on Fire TV. The folks who use Vudu, Flixster, etc are people who still buy movies now if Amazon is blocking them it’s a pretty lousy thing to do but on the other hand Vudu can release an app for Fire TV similar to the IOS version where we can stream and access our collections without the option to buy. I believe the vast majority of people will not stop building their collections just because we can’t purchase on Fire TV in fact for me I have been spending less on Ultraviolet because it’s not supported on Fire TV.

    • Ottis says:

      I should also add I have never and will not purchase videos from Amazon.

      • CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! says:

        This stinks!!!! I can’t believe Amazon is giving the snub to Ultraviolet.
        I picked up one fire tv dirt cheap and was considering buying a couple more for family until i realized it doesn’t support our main movie source UV….


        • Vincent Clark says:

          I might try a Chromecast, as my brother got one for practically nothing over Xmas, considering they were giving £20 credit for the Google Play store with it.

    • Bryan Nahrwold says:

      I have been frustrated with Flixter access on both my Fire TV and my Kindle Fire The application has never worked on the Fire TV It used to work n the Kindle Fire. I am denied login via my native Flixter authentication, which works fro a browser. When I login via Facebok, I am by denied but just experience a spinning cursor.

      Incidentally, I just bought a TiVo Romio OTA which has a native VUDU app which works great. Too bad there is such lot support from Amazon. They refer me to VUDU for support.

  3. Robert Simandl says:

    If you have Kodi sideloaded on the Fire TV box and stick, and PlayOn installed on a Windows PC, UltraViolet files can be accessed through VuDu. PlayOn is a bit buggy, though, and needs to be restarted every so often.

    By the way, this combination can also get a lot of apps I’d otherwise been waiting for on the Fire TV, like FoxNow, FXnow, TNT, TCM, The CW, etc.

    • Ottis says:

      It was my understanding that Kodi can’t be loaded unless you have an older version I have the latest Fire update. Not sure if it’s true I heard you needed the keyboard and it will only stream SD through Kodi. Thanks for the advice I’ll read up on Playon I am familiar with Plex. However switching to Roku is still probably easier but not preferred for me.

      • Robert Simandl says:

        My Fire TV, far as I know, is the latest update and not rooted. Just sideloaded it and it works. Many Vudu programs only play in SD since Playon makes the service think it’s just a web browser on a PC, and Vudu only sends many programs in SD if you’re watching on a PC.

        But then, Flixster only shows EVERY UltraViolet program in SD IIRC.

    • Mark says:

      I have a lifetime subscription to Playon…What a waste that was. Don’t think I’ve used it in about 3 years now.

  4. John says:

    Does Vudu app work on Amazon Fire TV/Stick?

  5. Steve says:

    Looks like I can still download it…. so whats this all about?

  6. Albert Nee says:

    SO glad to hear these updates! I was very disappointed when my Flixter app stopped working on our Amazon Fire TV device, then was unavailable for reinstallation. I emailed Flixster support on 7/20 about the problem and they just said “…We are currently researching the issue you have reported and will contact you soon with further support.” Unfortunately, they still haven’t…but if it is working again, that’s all I really care about.

  7. Michael says:

    Thank you for your updates and research. Just FYI, I still receive login failed attempt messages when I attempt to login. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

  8. Ktj says:

    You need to update the app. Or uninstall and reinstall. Then it will work.

  9. Sunluvr says:

    Thanks for your solution. I uninstalled and reinstalled and am now able to login.

  10. darthcircuity says:

    i just barely installed it on my fire tv and it will only let me play the trailers for the movies in my collection. lame sauce.

  11. Luckyfirestick says:

    Flixster app blows on the fire stick. slow at loading my movies when it worked. I am finally able to log in but it says I have no movies in my collection.

    I have uninstalled, reinstalled, logged out and logged in. The app still shows no movies in my collection.

    • DanT says:

      Same thing as Luckyfirestick, I tried to log in but it fails even though I’m using the correct login credentials. Login works on my laptop, but not on FireTV stick. Lots of ultraviolet movies, but no way to stream them without hooking up my laptop to my TV (not a smartTV).

      • Ktj says:

        It’s very slow to load your movies. For the trouble might have to get a roku box or Chromecast box. Right now I just use vudu on my Android tablet and share the screen to firetv with cast

  12. Carlton says:

    Does anyone know why you cannot watch your flixter tv shows (only movies) on the FireTV sTick ?

  13. TheTroupster says:

    Same as for me…My Flixster account works on my fire stick and my kindle fire but it no longer shows I have anything there movies or shows even though there all there when I log in on desktop, laptop and phone.

  14. Spudster says:

    I’d love to know how this is working for folks. I’ve avoided Ultraviolet forever, and now I fully know why. Getting your accounts reconciled is enough itself, but I can’t get HD playback on a COMPUTER or on the Flixster app through my Amazon Firestick. I made sure I had a proper logon account (not cross-linked Google or Facebook accounts), but on computer and Firestick-Flixster I only get SD; not even an option for HD. Yet, before I enter the video playback it shows the titles are available in HD.(?) The two titles (only 2 I’ve redeemed) are Jurassic Park (1993) and Despicable me 2. On my Galaxy S3 phone I get HD (but no 5.1 sound), and for several reasons I’m not a fan of Chromecast (I also want my discrete channel sound). Does anyone know anything?

  15. Chris Jones says:

    I just checked because I was having an issue with minions on the flixter app. I was only getting German audio?!? Their response was the same as before. So now they will allow the app download but will not care if movies do or don’t work on it. So any new options out there on the fire tv? I love the device but this sucks…

  16. angi says:

    just downloaded the new minion movie and it plays in frenchish…..flixster is not supported by kindle anymore…..what can we use towatch our movies on our kindle that we got from ultraviolet codes?

  17. Teresa says:

    Help!? Is there any other player app we can use to watch UV movies on the Kindle Fire? I’m so disappointed in Flixster or should I say Fandango as they just purchased Flixster and Fandago.

  18. Firetvuser says:

    Looks like flixster is broken again on FireTv. Seems like they’re trying really hard to get everyone off the app. And with no current alternative, this really stinks!

  19. faus zam says:

    I just got a message stating that ultraviolet will not longer be supported in Fire devices starting April 16, 2016. Bummer… Seems like Amazon is forcing us to move to its own streaming services.. I am glad I did not buy my new Fire tablet and Fire stick I was planning for the Spring… Now to find an ‘open’ device were I can still play my ultraviolet library! Frankly, what a disappointment with Amazon.

  20. Ray F says:

    I was about to get a new Kindle Fire. That’s not happening now!

  21. Jamie says:

    I ordered movies with the ultraviolet for my 3 kids who have kindles and now can’t watch it on any of them! Anyone have an alternative way to watch on their kindles? So frustrating! Makes me want to stick with apple products from now on!

  22. Mike says:

    I have the Flixter Fire stick app but it won’t let me logon. It says my password is incorrect, but it works fine on all my other devices. I even reset the password and it still doesn’t work. What a piece of CR#!.

  23. Belinda says:

    Also unable to logon to Flixster on the Fire TV stick. Have checked and re-checked that my login & password are correct by logging in on my computer but it is not recognized on Fire TV.

  24. Hannah Anderson says:

    same problem.

  25. Dan says:

    Same problem

  26. Monkey Butler says:

    Same here. Just logged a support call with Flixster before I googled and found this thread.

    Stupid thing is that if they’re not supporting it, why is it available on the Amazon marketplace? I only downloaded it yesterday!

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