Flixster app drops UltraViolet support on the Amazon Fire TV


Users of UltraViolet have never been thrilled with the Fire TV’s support for the cloud-based digital rights locker for movies and TV shows. Ever since the launch of the first Fire TV in April 2014, the Flixster app had always been the only way to watch UltraViolet content using a Fire TV. Even then, it was a bad experience due to its slow interface and numerous login issues. Once you finally managed to view your UltraViolet library, it only streamed in standard definition. The Flixster app has now dropped UltraViolet support on the Fire TV, as well as Fire tablets, all together.

Earlier this year, Flixster removed UltraViolet playback from their main apps on Android and iOS in order to release ‘Flixster Video’ apps which were dedicated apps for UltraViolet playback. It’s plausible we’ll see a Flixster Video app released for the Fire TV in the future, but for the time being, there is now no way to play UltraViolet video content through the Fire TV.

  1. Craig says:

    Why in the flying f-bomb hasn’t Amazon themselves supported Ultra-Violet????? I am beyond furious and livid that they haven’t! I don’t care what it takes! Even if it includes locking Amazon and studios lawyers in a room without food until it’s done! But they need to freaking make it happen! I am sick of this crap!


    • Ron says:

      I think I’m moving to Roku. I was trying to look at my Flixster library and I had to find this out over the net. You could have atleast let us know, bye-bye Amazon Prime

    • Chuck says:

      I bought a Kindle Fire 7″ for the primary purrs of watching my UV stuff over VUDU or Flixster, only to have them drop support a few weeks later. Glad I only paid $39.99 for the paperweight. I suspect they want to lock you into Amazon content, which costs way more than nearly all of my Ultra-Violet content.

    • cfbcfb says:

      Because Walmarts Vudu is a competitor. So Amazon employs protectionism, which has never worked long term in any situation anywhere in the universe.

      I *still* have an UV library because the codes come free with dvd’s and blu-rays. I *still* want to watch them. So I’ll have to use something else as my main streamer instead of a fire tv. I’m still not going to buy any digital content from amazon because what I can watch it with is too limited.

      Total revenues gained by amazon: $0
      Total revenues for Roku and other digital services that run on pretty much every platform except amazon fire tv: Thousands and counting.

      This is only exceeded by stupidity level by Amazon not selling apple tv’s and Chromecasts. If I couldn’t buy those at hundreds of web sites and local stores, it might be effective.

      Total revenues for Amazon from that move : $0
      Total revenues for bestbuy and a thousand other companies: millions and counting.

    • Ron Mattingly says:

      I had (3) Kindle 2’s and a Fire phone!! Upgraded to Fire 8 tablet..I have 523 movies>> found out>>!! I can NOT!! NOW WATCH!! I will NOT EVER buy another AMAZON MADE PRODUCT!! Its one thing to sell you a product that increases their bottom line…BUT , one should be able to use Tablet for your needs. From here on, if item does not support Google I will never Buy!!

      • Jason says:

        You can root said Kindles and Fire devices to gain access to the Google Play store directly, possibly installing an app compatible with UV. That, or just sideload the VUDU app, and see if you can get it to work that way. I have seen instructional videos on this online. It’s not that important for me, because I mostly use Apple products (available through the Apple app store), so I’m not familiar with the process. I do own a Fire Stick, but I haven’t had the need to watch UV movies on the TV I have this connected to, as well as a Roku 2, and it’s available there. If Apple made a stick version of the Apple TV, I would probably not even own this Fire Stick, to be honest, as it’s my office/travel streaming device.

    • NT says:

      I know you posted this in 2016, but now ROKU does not support Flixter Video. This is the issue with digital content. They can add or pull support, then what? Which is why I rather buy Blu-Ray physical discs.

      There should be support regardless, for Ultra-Violet & Flixter Video for both ROKU & Amazon devices.

  2. Bacon says:

    One of the reasons I prefer Roku. Vudu is great and has probably the best video quality for online streaming.

  3. jbrodack says:

    That’s pretty lame. Amazon seems to shut out any services that offer video rentals or force them to disable that feature. That is one advantage of Roku as they don’t care where you get your content from and won’t lock you out of anything.

    Hopefully there will be fully UV support coming since as you mentioned the support was never great to begin with. I have Rick and Morty on UV but it never showed in Flixster.

    • smee says:

      Is there any indication that Amazon did something to cause this? I didn’t read anything saying Amazon is “locking out” anything.

      • jbrodack says:

        No direct indication but they do lock out any services from offering rentals. Flixster offers rentals but couldn’t offer them on the fire tv app. Sling TV offers rentals but that also isn’t available on the fire tv app. Vudu is primarily designed to be for video rentals which is likely why they haven’t bothered with a fire tv app.

        They don’t lock out entire apps but they keep out the money making part of these services which can’t be attractive to these services.

        • Wakey says:

          I doubt they are locking them out but more likely the service is choosing not to offer them in the same way Amazon doesn’t offer the ability to purchase content in their iOS apps. That being transactions in app come with a platform charge that’s usually 30% and seeing as especially on video rentals the copyright holder takes 70% already it would leave the service making nothing if they had to hand 30% over to the platform

  4. Josh says:

    Does anyone know of a good app that we can side load, perhaps VUDU?

  5. Katie B. says:

    I sideloaded Vudu and it works fine. You need the remote mouse app or an actual mouse to control it though. It’s kind of a clunky solution, but all the movies I tried played just fine.

  6. Joe says:

    Roku is great since it supports Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, MGo, CinemaNow, Drafthouse/VHX, Shoutcast, etc.

    Fire TV is great due to some gaming on TV, Emulator/Games and Kodi…oh and Amazon Video

  7. Ron says:

    I sideloaded the Flixster Video app onto a Kindle Fire HDX and it works fine.

  8. Ujn Hunter says:

    Welcome to the future of digital content DRM licensing platform holder bullshit.

  9. Rachel says:

    Amazon will no longer support Flixter as of April 15th so I have over 100 movies I can’t watch remotely on my Kindle any longer. It is stupid this need to stop

    • Jeremiah says:

      Agreed. That was one of the greatest benefits of the Kindle Fire was to watch your digital library remotely. If their not going to support Flixter, Amazon should partner with CinemaNow or another app to allow Ultraviolet streaming. I don’t think I’d ever consider purchasing another Amazon tablet unless this is fixed.

  10. Dawn says:

    Well I am due an upgrade on my device will have to look at others instead of Amazon ones if things like this going to happen!! I liked downloading my movies to watch anywhere which was one of the deciding features for me.

  11. Tiffanie says:

    I was wondering if I can get some help with the whole UV movies not supported in flixster. I have specials needs children a and not being able to watch their movies when needed is causing huge problems. I don’t know what side loading is and this was my first tablet purchase. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

    • Bryan says:


      I have special needs children as well and I know exactly what you mean.

      You are going to need to ditch your amazon streaming devices if you want to watch your digital movies.

      Do yourself a favor and get a ROKU stick for $40…it supports all digital formats!

      Plus when you search for a movie it searches EVERY app and shows you which app has the movie you are looking for! When you search on Amazon it only searches the Amazon library.

      If you want to stream your rightfully owned movies then stay away from the fire!

  12. Emilee Wooten says:

    Amazon is going to lose the tablet war. Why should anyone purchase a Kindle if they can’t access the content they own? I wish this information was out there in the general populace. If a consumer briefly researches…the web still “seems” to say Vudu and Flixster work. Joe Shopper is going to think they can stream purchased UV titles while traveling or to keep kids occupied.
    I am irritated about not having remote access; but have the band-aid of using my PlayStation at home.

    • Toni says:

      You are so right Emilee Wooten! When information first popped up on my Kindle Fire HDX a few months ago saying as of April something the device will no longer support Ultra Violet movies. I spoke to a tech person at Amazon via my HDX and she said this would in no way happen. She lied.

  13. Steve says:

    As Ron/Katie point out, side load of VUDU or Flixter Video works for tablet, but if you side load to fire tv or fts, you’ll need a wireless mouse in order to select and play movies.

    An easy way to sideload if you have an android tablet or android phone is download the flixster video or other apps and the Apps2Fire apps. Apps2Fire copies apps from your android phone to your FireTV. (enable apps from unknown and adb debugging developer options on you firetv first.

    There are plenty of other side load methods too.

  14. Gary says:

    I just Chromecast my Ultraviolet movies to my TV for now. With storage basically free, this is stupid for Amazon not to allow users to link their UV library accounts to Amazon Video. Just curious, but why wouldn’t Amazon want to sell UV movies?

  15. Sandy says:

    Pretty poor customer relations to not mention that they were stopping this offering – having to search on the web as to why it suddenly won’t allow me to connect is not the way to keep customers. As you will note I don’t use the flixster/uv service regularly but with a kaput player it is convenient to watch on Amazon fire and I really do not see why I need to duct tape a solution – if they had told me I could at least have made a conscious decision to either purchase the items electronically from them or accept the restrictions, but to not mention it is downright dishonest.

  16. Barbara says:

    I have VUDU on my Fire 10 & Phone Works great!

    Some one tell me why I would need a Mouse for the Stick? How would you connect that??

  17. Tara Muhlhausen says:

    So… Amazon SELLS DVD movies which often include UV digital copies, which is my preferred format for those times when streaming just won’t work. It does seem quite ludicrous that my kindle fires & fire TV stick would not support the content SOLD by Amazon.
    Sideloading an app as a solution is crazy. I’m glad to have read this, and look forward to being able to use the VUDU app on my kindles! I’ve already had to replace one Fire TV stick with a Roku one…purchased at Walmart, of course.

  18. stella says:

    Wish I had read this first. The main reason I wanted a stick was because my Sony blu ray was malfunctioning. I had no idea I wouldn’t be able to watch any of my VUDU videos as it has the Flixter app on the stick. It won’t let me sign in. Buy a Roku its a better product, I have it in the bedroom and it works fantastic.

  19. not dumb says:

    the rampant stupidity displayed in this thread is amusing and enlightening. you idiots pay for thin air then you are surprised when what you bought disappears into it. haha!!!

  20. Yeah, I’ve never been a huge fan of Flixster, but a heads up about the changes would have been nice.

    VUDU.com has also been lacking in recent time too, so I’ve been using the CinemaNow app on our Smart TV and ROKU and Blu-ray player which is pretty nice, basic to the point no bells and whistles like trailers or featurettes, but I like how it stream and the ease of use.

    CinemaNow is plugged into my Ultraviolet account and EVERYTHING has ported over with the exception of Disney Movies Anywhere, there is no plug-in for DMA. However, my DMA is connected to my Google Play, which will stream on my Google TV App on my TV, Blu-ray, ROKU etc.

    But again, no Google Play app on the Surface 2 Pro.

  21. Hector Ocasio says:

    I have been a long time user of Kindle tablets. However, I ha be always been frustrated that I can’t see movies on VUDU and now that Flixster falls in that category I’m rethinking my patronage of Kindle tablets all together. I think I’ll be buying android tablets from now on. My friends and family feel the same way. Ultraviolet movies are great because you can view them anywhere except if you own a Kindle tablet.

  22. Nayge says:

    Personally, I’ve never been thrilled with Ultraviolet.
    In what sense has anyone, ever, been able to view them anywhere?

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