FLIRC on sale for $12.95 — New all-time low price [Expired]


FLIRC, a small device that adds IR remote support and functionality to the Fire TV, is currently on sale for just $12.95. That is the cheapest price this device has ever been. FLIRC is quite elegant in its simplicity. It allows you to use any IR remote control you own to control your Fire TV. For example, you can use your TV or receiver’s remote fully control your Fire TV and completely eliminate the need to use the Fire TV’s included remote. You plug FLIRC into a any PC or Mac USB port and select Fire TV on its simple configuration interface. Then you point any remote you own at FLIRC and tell it what actions to perform for each button you press. When you’re done, you just plug FLIRC into the USB port of your Fire TV and your IR remote will now control the Fire TV. You’ll want to pick up a USB extension cable if you don’t already have one since the Fire TV’s USB port is in the back and FLIRC will need to be pointed towards the front.

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