First look at new Amazon Fire TV user interface


We now know that Amazon will be releasing a brand new interface for the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, but thanks to some eagle eyes and a comment from Bacon, it looks like shots of the new interface managed to slip into Amazon’s promotional video for the all-new Fire TV Stick 2.


This blurry shot looks to be the new Fire TV home screen. At the top is a large banner highlighting the show The Man in the High Castle. Below that appears to be a row of additional shows or movies, and below that is a row of apps where Netflix, Hulu, and NBC are evident. The rectangular app icons are in line with the new image guidelines Amazon updated this morning. Gone is the navigation menu on the left side. There’s no denying it that this new interface looks a lot like that of Android TV.


One of the clearest shots we have of the new interface appears to be the detail page of a movie, in this case Deadpool. Here we see the new background image, at the very top, that is required in the new developer image guidelines. Text and buttons appear on the left side of the screen on top of the background image. Additional partially transparent buttons, which are likely the different ways to watch the video and trailer, are aligned along the bottom of the background image. This screen layout will likely be shared with the app detail screens. Below the main information is a row of recommended content.


The final shot of the new interface shown in the promotional video is a shot of the music screen when an album is playing. The album art is displayed on the left with a track list on the right. This screen is very similar to the existing Fire TV music interface.

  1. Moe says:

    That looks really nice, taking a queue from Plex and kodi.

  2. HUBEMX says:

    Looks like a fork of Android TV.

  3. Duder says:

    Amazon is basically using everything from Android TV at this point with 100x the success.

    Funny how things work sometimes.

    • Duder says:

      Hey Google were going to use your operating system and leanback libraries for FireTV but are going to block our sellers from selling your TV devices. -Amazon

  4. Josh says:

    Will this be coming to older model sticks and boxes?

  5. Brenda Morris says:

    I have downloaded Mobdeo Will it still be useful

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