First images of the new NVIDIA Shield TV, remote, and controller

Image credit: Android Police

Android Police has published images of what is very likely the new NVIDIA Shield TV that is expected to be announced at CES next month. The silhouette of the box, remote, and controller match the FCC documents I discovered earlier this year. Android Police has images showing two different sizes for the Shield TV itself. It’s unknown if this means there will be two new models released or if one of the images is of the existing 1st-gen SHield TV, indicating the new remote and controller will also be bundled with the existing hardware.

It is likely that the 2nd-gen NVIDIA Shield TV will be less powerful than the existing model, in order to come in at a lower price point and compete with the Fire TV and Mi Box. NVIDIA has repackaged older hardware before, so my money is on there being a single all-new budget Shield TV and a new bundle that includes the old box but with the new peripherals.

  1. ferdinand tagpis says:

    Why even bother make a 2nd gen shield? Makes no sense

  2. bill says:

    that controller is sexy

  3. clocks says:

    I was really hoping for a remote closer to what the FTV has, with proper buttons, etc.. I find these Shield / Mi Box remotes unusable.

  4. Ichijoe says:

    Is it not possible to pair the FireTV Remote to the Shield?

    • tech3475 says:

      From my experience, the stick/non-voice could be paired but the voice remote couldn’t.

    • clocks says:

      I use the $15 bluetooth remote. Works great, and gives me play, pause, ff, rw, and menu buttons. Much improved over the standard remote.

      • ASiDiE says:

        I use the Voice remote on mine with no Problems. I have 2 shields and got the shield remote for free in a deal so I use that in my main system. However, my other one in the bedroom uses the voice remote from a ATV 2nd gen. I don’t recall if the voice part works but pretty sure it does and it’s just a nicer remote from the old firetv stick remote.

  5. tech3475 says:

    I’d be surprised if they make it much weaker than the Shield V1 since they still have to make it compatible with existing games.

  6. Mark says:

    I sold my Nvidia Shield TV because it did the same as my Fire TV and games console and no where near as good. The native games were alright, but my Fibre broadband wasn’t fast enough for GeForce Now or whatever it’s games streaming service is called, and then it had the hq ducal that is Googles TV App Store, hardly anything decent and a lot of foreign rubbish repleat with foreign language descriptions only!
    The Amazon Fire TV is MILES ahead with its App Store. I don’t blame Nvidia but fully blame Google for ignoring its TV platform and store.

  7. kywildcat says:

    I just want the first shield tv, hard to find at a decent price

  8. AFTV Fan says:

    Since therr isn’t an open forum to ask questions, I’m hoping someone reads this here as it’s somewhat related.

    Is the old or new AFTV game controller better? Does the old one work better with Gen1 and the new one for Gen2 or do they both work equally well and are responsive with any AFTV version?

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