First devices that automatically reorder supplies through Amazon Dash go live

Amazon has announced that the first consumer devices capable of automatically reordering supplies from Amazon when they run out are now live, and you may already own one. Amazon’s Dash Replenishment Service (DRS allows manufacturers to add the automatic ordering ability to their internet connected devices. The first products capable of using the service include GE’s washers with “smartdispense technology”, Gmate’s Smart Blood Glucose Meter, and nearly 50 different Brother printers. Once you configure the service, these devices will automatically reorder supplies when they detect you’re running low so that you never unexpectedly find yourself out of printer ink, dish washing detergent, or other mundane but necessary supply.

Several other manufacturers are already primed to add Amazon DRS capabilities to their devices in the coming months. Brita filtered water pitchers, Purell hand sanitizers, Samsung printers, and automatic pet feeders from Petnet and CleverPet are just a few of the products that soon hope to simplify your life by automatically reordering supplies. The Fire TV can already detect when you’re remote’s batteries are running low. Soon it will likely be capable of automatically ordering a pair of fresh batteries all on its own.

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