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Due to an email I received from claiming trademark rights on my previous domain, I have changed this website’s domain name to

The new name may not be as good as the previous one, but I wanted to stay away from any reference to the word ‘Fire’, yet keep the name similar. Alternately, you can access the site from ;-P. I am also forced to give up my previous Facebook page, so the new page is at If you use Facebook, a ‘like’ would be greatly appreciated. Thankfully I am able to change my Twitter account to @AFTVnews without losing any followers.

My biggest concern are the referral links across the internet pointing to the old domain. I have setup a redirect which automatically sends visitors to the new domain, however Amazon is only giving me until this Monday to turn over the old domain. Once Amazon controls the old domain, they will likely disable the redirect and all of those links will go dead. If you come across one of these old links in forums/wikis/comments, please do what you can to get them updated. I would greatly appreciate it.

By request, I have created a donation page. Please do not feel obligated to donate for any reason. I am part of Amazon’s Associate program, which means I get a small kickback anytime someone buys an app that I’ve linked to. While it’s not enough to live by, the money I make from this program is enough to pay for the website’s expenses. The more I receive, the more I can justify putting as much time into this website as I do, so please only donate if you have the money to give and feel compelled.

Lastly, this ordeal has taken a lot of my time recently. I apologize if the post quality or frequency has diminished the last few days. I should be getting back in the swing of things now that the name change is complete.

  1. Chris says:

    Added to my feedly!

  2. steve says:

    I have legal training in this area. You should refuse to hand over the web site, contact an attorney, and demand to be paid for ownership of this web site. Amazon has NO claim to the word “fire” that a court would consider to be valid. “Amazon fire”, yes, but not “fire”. For example, “Firestone” would be in trouble if this is a valid claim.

    Make them pay you for it.

    BTW, you should be able to find an attorney who will give you a free “consultation”, and if Amazon brings suit YOU WILL WIN and they will (ask your attorney about this, because I’m going to add “probably”) have to pay your attorney’s bills. “Frivolous lawsuits”, which Amazon’s suit would be, are STRONGLY discouraged by over-worked courts.

    My $0.02, do what you want, but my honest opinion is that you’re being screwed by someone who just thought “let’s try it before we offer to pay for it”, not someone who has standing to demand you give up your property (the URL).

  3. Bozo says:

    I found your site because of the controversy and subscribed to your feed which has a lot of great info. Hopefully this will turn out to be a net benefit.

  4. Myles says:

    I’m assuming by the fact that you have not replied to any of the comments both in this thread and the original one, that you have no intention of fighting this?

    Dude, don’t be stupid and make a big mistake because they scared you, I own a hosting company and this happens daily to clients, especially with patent troll crap

  5. HowDoYouKnow says:

    Maybe he is already got paid by Amazon to shutdown the site :)

    • says:

      I am sure that he “already” got paid, he seems to have a head on his shoulders, and anyone with a head on his shoulders would not have given up without a fight. It is more than obvious that Amazon is just flexing it’s corporate muscles here, which more and more corporations seem to be doing lately, just because the have the means to0 do so. I REALLY hope that he did get paid, otherwise I need to reconsider the respect and loyalty that I have given to him, and this site. My two cents worth!

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