FireStarter updated to v3.2 with one-click Kodi installs and updates

FireStarter, the great Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick sideloaded app launcher, has just been updated byt its developer to version 3.2 with a great new feature. The app can now both install Kodi from scratch or update your current installation of Kodi to the latest version with just a single click. Updating Kodi with FireStarter will preserve your current settings and database. If you’re planning to install both FireStarter and Kodi on a new Fire TV, you might as well install FireStarter first and have it install Kodi to simplify the process. You can find this new ability in FireStarters “Updates” section. Be sure to hit the “Check for Update” button first before installing or updating Kodi with FireStarter to ensure you get the latest version. If Kodi is not installed on your Fire TV, selecting the”Update to latest Version” button will install Kodi from scratch.

  1. T33Hud says:

    Love this little app and it keeps getting better! Nice work!

    • Justin says:

      Yeah this has been a great tool for fire tv owners. Rooting isn’t always a possibility so it’s really clever how the developer has gotten around needing root access.

      Only option I would like to see is to not have new apps show up automatically. I generally only want sideloaded appa to appear on my Firestarter not amazon installed apps. It can be a little annoying having to hide any new amazon installed apps I’m trying out.

    • Marc says:

      My fire starter won’t update it says “download sucsessful” then “app not installed” then “new version available” what can I do???

      • InFaMouS says:


        Im not sure if its blocked by new updates? I cant sideload it or install the APK localy on the device -_-, lucky for my its not mine.

  2. Rob P says:

    I would really like to do this with my gen 1 fire tv, but, I can’t tolerate how slow kodi is on the fire tv compared to my wetek openelec box. I even did a factory reset and that didn’t help. I don’t know if the problem is my large 12-20gb mkv files or because I use mysql to sync my libraries. I don’t have these problems with a gen 2 rpi either.

    I actually tried and really liked the roku 4, but I returned it because I lost Netflix Dolby surround sound with my ancient non-hdmi receiver. No kodi on the roku 4 but plex was snappy on the roku 4 and I could live worth that. I will eventually get another roku 4 after I finally save up and get the Denon avr-x6200w receiver.

    • Justin says:

      Kodi runs well on my Fire TV. Might be something the Android kodi doesn’t like with your setup. A good openelec system will generally run better though I wonder if shield tv would work better for you than fire tv.

      • Rob P says:

        I wouldn’t mind the shield tv if they can get amazon videos working. I know they had it working for a short time in May, but amazon squashed that work around quickly. I was reading this weekend on xda and they might have figured out another work around. I will see how long that one last.

  3. Vadim says:

    It would make more sense, if Jarvis alphas were .included in update. Optionally of course

  4. Dorin says:

    If I update kodi 14 to kodi 15 using FireStarter on my un-rooted FireTV1, will I preserve the Kodi icon in Home Screen?

  5. rockster says:

    THANKS,Firestarter has made it easy to install KODI.

  6. natebetween says:

    Fantastic! At this level of development, I am definitely going to donate. What a great (and getting better) little app.

  7. Krom12 says:

    This is cool , will it make it onto the App Store ? Then no PCs required
    We can dream

  8. Batman bin Emdad says:

    Does anyone know where the download source is located when you update Kodi via FireStarter? Is it through the official Kodi server or is it through FireStarter’s own server/third-party server?


  9. MK says:

    does this app have a way to put the FTV to sleep mode?

  10. FYI, For the purposes of updating Kodi, Fire Starter works on other Android devices, not just AFTVs. I know some of you have more than just an AFTV for Kodi purposes.
    Tested on the Razer Forge device. Worked like a charm and kept my build with addons/configs intact.

    I did have to disable all the monitoring options since I was getting errors.

  11. Chrys says:

    Can I connect external USB Hard Drive (3TB) and can Kodi access media from it where media files can be as small as 5 mb (music) to 8gb (movie) each?

  12. Wayne says:

    If I try and update Kodi via Firestarter on my AFTV, it downloads but then gives me an error message that my phone’s security settings won’t permit it to perform the update. Any idea how I modify my security settings? Thanks.

  13. Jim says:

    So what is the procedures to install on a new ftv2?

    I am confused. What am I suppose to do first. I need help on installing firestarter and then kodi.

  14. Ynell says:

    When I try to update kodi from 14.1 to 15.2, it downloads and starts the process and errors out saying “App not installed” the reason being “An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed”.
    Can any one please help me figure out what I am doing wrong.
    I have my kodi installed on ext usb and all data is on the usb too. If that helps.

  15. jimberkas says:

    i get a parsing error when trying to install/update Kodi from firestarter. i just installed it myself. firestarter itself is pretty slick but don’t count on being able to install Kodi directly from firestarter

  16. Thomas says:

    Hello. If i try to update Kodi over FireStarter 3.2, i got the Parsing Issue Window and im not able to update Kodi.

    PS. I got ADB/USB Debuggin etc on. Can someone help me?

  17. Barry says:

    I just updated my firestarter app because I kept getting a error message popping up on the bottom of my screen about firestarter. Now when I go to main menu and to apps it kicks me back up to Movies. Anyone know whats going on and what I can do?

  18. Shay says:

    Can yoi still get this version. I hate the new version

  19. Elpoep says:

    any where to download the firestarter 3.2.3? I have a AFTV 1 rooted with

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