FireStarter relaunched as AppStarter but without HOME button detection or auto-launching features


The developer of FireStarter, the popular Fire TV home screen replacement app that was recently blacklisted by Amazon, has decided on a new direction for his app. For starters, the app’s name has been changed to AppStarter. It also has a new package name, which means it will not be disabled by Amazon’s current app blacklist, since Amazon targets apps by their package name. In order for AppStarter to stay off of Amazon’s blacklist, the developer has removed the two FireStarter features that were likely the cause for being blacklisted. AppStarter does not have any kind of HOME button detection and it does not have the ability to automatically launch itself, or any other app for that matter, at startup. This means the only way to launch AppStarter is by selecting the icon within the Fire TV interface, just like every other app.

Without the ability to detect the HOME button or launch apps at startup, AppStarter has essentially become just a very nice app drawer that gives you a customizable way to organize and access your apps. Additionally, AppStarter also retains the ability to install and update Kodi and SPMC, which is a very handy feature on its own. The app’s developer has chosen to remove two of the most popular FireStarter features because he feels it’s best to salvage what he can and focus on the useful features that remain, in order to keep his app alive.

If you still have FireStarter installed, it will not update itself to AppStarter. You will have to sideload the AppStarter apk file manually. The good news is you will be able to export your settings from FireStarter and import them into AppStarter if you don’t want to start from scratch.

The developer of FireStarter/AppStarter understands that many people will continue using the old version of FireStarter, or the forked FireStopper app, since they are still somewhat functional and have the features people care most about. However, he feels it’s best for him to develop the best app he can, by conforming to the existing Fire TV constraints, instead of trying to continually find new workarounds for his app.

  1. John Proctor says:

    Hey do i need to remove Firestarter before I install App starter? Or is it fine if I just leave it how it is and Finally, how do i remove firestarter if it no longer appears under the installed progreams? Any help would be awesome.

  2. Rodalpho says:

    I appreciate all the hard work he’s done so far, but the app is largely useless to me without the homebutton detection. I hope the fork continues.

    Also, note it isn’t in the amazon appstore– I’ll bet you dollars to donuts they reject it anyway, as it duplicates the functions of their homescreen without showing ads or promoting amazon video AND installs/updates apps that the amazon appstore rejected.

    • Myst Da-Man says:

      But doesn’t pressing the home button on previous version take you back to the Amazon Default Launcher? It would be cool if the home button takes you back to firestarter. Becuase whenever you press home button, you always have to back into settings >apps>managed installed apps>relaunch firestarter, kinda long.

      Unless you can configure pressing the home button to take you back to firestarter?

    • AFTVnews says:

      If the developer submits the app and it gets rejected, it will be because of the Kodi/SPMC installing aspect. Not because it duplicates functions of the homescreen. There are already “app drawer” apps in the official Fire TV appstore, like Application Organizer Pro, that do nothing but organize and launch apps.

    • Mark says:

      Agreed awesome app as it was, totally useless now. Glad I stayed on 5.0.5.

  3. Martin says:

    Homebutton detection is broken on the previous one anyway, but removal of autolaunch means I’m sticking with FireStopper.

  4. brian says:

    I am on pre rooted rom for my FTV2. Is there a way I can use the old firestarter to autostart and have home button detection on this rom since I am rooted?

    I tried putting the older version and it didn’t work.

    Do I have incorrect settings?


  5. spotmark says:

    No disrespect to the developer, but without home detection, I don’t see any need for this app. This app with home detection is one of the reasons my boxes will never be updated beyond 5.0.5.

  6. luthersman says:

    my gen one firetv still is using firestarter just fine. is this a gen one problem? my firetv says its up to date with 5.05

  7. Pete says:

    I mostly missed how it makes updating Kodi less of a PITA so I’m glad it is back as an official/approved app. I don’t have the hate for the Amazon interface and Kodi + other sideloaded apps show up when I double-tap the home button with the default Amazon OS and no rooting so this is good news to some of us.

  8. xnamkcor says:

    I never got this type of thing working anyway, and once ES File Explorer was allowed into the Home section, I could just make the default tab Apps.

  9. AFTVUser says:

    Unfortunately, with all of its useful features removed (and I don’t blame him one bit for caving to Amazon’s threat letter), FireStarter is now just another in a growing list of once-useful apps that will likely be relegated to complete obscurity.

    Nonetheless, kudos to “The Developer” for his initial efforts and his once-useful app.

  10. Wayne says:

    So if I’m regretting updating my rooted 1st generation box to OS3 (I used TWRP to install rbox’s pre-rooted, can I use TWRP to roll back to rbox’s

  11. Ulises A. Rodriguez, Ph.D. says:

    Do not know if this will work or not…

    But, someone has tried an APP, like “AutoStar – No Root v2.2” or any other APP Manager, to force this new AppStater v4.0, to start automatically during boot of the FireTV?

  12. Dave69 says:

    Firestarter on my rooted first gen fire tv keeps telling me there is an update available but says it can’t find the update link. Is it trying to install appstarter?

  13. Dave Hodgson says:

    Great app even without the home button detection double click home button loads up apps press app starter and all your apps are in a nice neat order!!

    Keep the hardwork must important element is the kodi and spmc update which doesn’t overwrite your current build well done lads fab piece of kit!

  14. Vulcan195 says:

    I am using HAL launcher. While it does not offer a double click feature … it has plenty of other features that are missing from Firestarter. I like it a lot.

  15. ec.cameron says:

    I am very new to firestick &kodi.i have the latest version
    of firestick &kodi.If I install
    the app starter will i need to reinstall my apps that I have at present on my kodi that I have at present

  16. chris says:


    Thanks for all your hard work. Quick question, do I need to keep my firestick registered to access kodi now that the home button function is disabled or is there a way of keeping it unregistered.


  17. Connie Fellows says:

    How do I get the sidebar back?

  18. Jeremy Damon says:

    Is anybody else having an issue updating spmc with unknown reason for the error

  19. Jim says:

    Try buttons remapper apk to remap home button function to open any launcher app you want to use as your home launcher when the home button is pressed .

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