Firefox update adds bookmarking and updated interface to Amazon Fire TV devices

Firefox has just updated their Fire TV app to version 2.0, as first spotted by CordCuttersNews. This significant update adds what was probably the most request feature, which is the ability to bookmark pages. The update also makes a few changes to the main interface.

When Firefox first launched on Fire TV devices, it was strangely missing the ability to save bookmarks, despite having a list of favorited pages by default. This has thankfully been addressed with the new v2.0 update since you can now pin websites to the main Firefox home screen to serve as bookmarks. To pin a page, load it in the browser, press the menu button, and then select the pin icon in the upper center of the screen.

This update also adds the ability to remove any of the websites that come pre-pinned by default. Simply highlight the pinned page you want to remove and press the menu button to remove it. You can also do this to pages you’ve pinned yourself. Unfortunately, there is no way to rearrange your pinned pages, so the order that you pinned the pages is the order that they will appear on Firefox’s home screen.

Firefox has also changed its interface slightly with this new update. Gone is the blue sidebar that was previously used to house the navigation buttons and address bar. Replacing it is a new partially opaque overlay that covers the entire screen when the menu button is pressed.

  1. Gerard Pinzone says:

    Can you install uBlock Origin with the new version?

  2. Enuff says:

    Goodbye, Silk browser! Hello, FireFox!

    • Nick Hathaway says:

      The button/control layout/menu in Firefox is awful. So is the cursor. But hey, if you like brand names knock yourself out.

      • Enuff says:

        I must retract my first statement. FireFox is terrible at allowing pop-ups. Silk handles them much better. And, I did not notice any speed difference. Nice try, FireFox, but you still have a lot of work to do.
        Silk still on top.

  3. myklj says:

    When bookmarking Youtube videos, they just show up as ‘youtube’ with no distinction between them. It would be nice if we could edit them to tell them apart.

  4. Charlie says:

    I like that it has the more modern layout, but really hate all the hoops you have to jump through to get out of Youtube.

  5. Is the desktop mode available in the new version?

  6. 360fan says:

    Great. Finally I can bookmark Will save some typing with the awful FTV remote.

  7. Steve says:

    So… a long press can delete an unwanted bookmark – BUT the dang thing RETURNS the next time you start Firefox! I’ve tried clearing cookies and data, but no change. I don’t use Pintrest or Fandango, etc. How to get rid (and stay rid) of them?? Just keep Firefox running?

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