Fire TVs gain a new Holiday Hub for Christmas movies

Amazon has added a new Holiday hub for Christmas movies to Fire TV devices. Look for a “Holiday” icon in your apps section to access the new movie hub which contains various lists of Holiday movies to browse and watch. The movies are arranged in rows that vary by category, like comedies and classics, and also vary by cost, such as “Free,” “Rent or Buy,” and “From Your Subscriptions.”

Amazon has, lately, been doing a much better job at surfacing content from your installed apps and subscriptions, as opposed to just content from Amazon’s own services, like Prime Video and IMDb. While there is certainly plenty of Amazon content in the new holiday hub, there are also many rows labeled “From Your Subscriptions” that contain movies not served by Amazon. One tip is to press the menu button while highlighting a movie to see which app it is available on. When doing so, a menu will appear in the bottom right corner that says “Watch No with [App Name]” so that you can tell if it’s going to be playing in a free-with-ads app or one of your ad-free apps.

Unfortunately, Amazon being Amazon just couldn’t resist stuffing advertisements into the new holiday hub. I count 4 separate rows that list products, not movies, to browse and buy with your Fire TV. The very first row in the hub is a list of Amazon’s live shopping videos, with additional lists of deals and top products further down.

Whenever Amazon adds a new hub like this, there are people concerned about it being another pre-installed app that is forced onto the device. These hubs aren’t actually apps, but just extensions of the Fire TV home screen. Just like the various section of the main interface, like the Free Movies & TV section, hubs like this new one are just using the default interface and take up very little storage space. That said, if you’re not interested in the Holiday movie hub at all, you can always move it or hide it by highlighting the icon and pressing the menu button on the remote.

  1. TLC says:

    Not seeing the new Holiday Hub please provide more details on where to look? Thank you

    • If you don’t see it it’s likely because it hasn’t rolled out to your device yet. Checking for updates and restarting might help. When it becomes available, it should be in the Apps section, which you can get to by holding down the home button and then selecting Apps from the quick launch menu.

    • letour_001 says:

      If you are not seeing the HOLIDAYS thumbnail added to your ALL APPS section you can find it by the method below.

      From the Fire TV home page move to FIND button. That will pull up selections and if you scroll down there is a RECOMMENDED CATEGORIES section. HOLIDAYS is the first selection. Select it and you will be in the HOLIDAY HUB section.

  2. TLC says:

    I tried this method also and I am not seeing it in RECOMNEDED CATEGORIES maybe I haven’t received the update yet but I have restarted multiple times so not sure what’s up. My current Fire OS 6.208.1(NS6281/4061)and it says my Fire TV is up to date.

  3. TLC says:

    I just upgraded to 4K Max on two TV’s and still not seeing this new holiday HUB not sure what’s up?

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