Fire TVs can now control Bluetooth Headphone/Speaker Volume using the remote buttons

Amazon is rolling out new software updates to Fire TVs and Firesticks that add a capability customers have been wanting for a very long time. It is finally possible to lower and raise the volume of Bluetooth audio devices, such as Bluetooth ear pods and Bluetooth soundbars, using the volume buttons on the Fire TV’s remote. Fire TV devices gained the ability to connect audio over Bluetooth in 2015, but the feature has been crippled by the inability to adjust the volume unless the Bluetooth device itself had built-in volume controls. That shortcoming is finally being addressed with the latest Fire TV software update.

This new capability requires no additional setup or configuration. Once your Fire TV has the feature, simply pair a Bluetooth audio device, such as headphones or a speaker, in the regular Bluetooth menu, which you can quickly get to through my Bluetooth Loader app. While a Bluetooth device is connected, pressing the volume buttons on your Fire TV remote will make the volume louder or softer. You can also press the mute button to, you guessed it, mute and unmute the Bluetooth audio.

One glaring issue with the new feature is that, unfortunately, the volume of your TV still also gets changed over IR when pressing the volume buttons while a Bluetooth device is connected. It’s not a big issue, since audio isn’t actually coming out of the TV when a Bluetooth device is connected, but you might find that your TV is at an unwanted volume level when you’re done using the Bluetooth device. The simplest way to avoid this is to not point the remote at your TV/soundbar when changing Bluetooth volume, but, hopefully, Amazon will correct this odd oversight in the next update by disabling IR volume commands while Bluetooth devices are paired.

There are 15 different Bluetooth volume levels that the Fire TV can use. You can press and hold the volume button on the remote to gradually increase or decrease the volume, but I found that since there are only 15 levels it is more precise to just tap the volume buttons repeatedly until you achieve the volume level that you want. Pressing and holding the volume button could also leave your TV at a ridiculously high volume, due to the issue I just mentioned, so tapping the volume button makes it easier to avoid that.

So far, I’ve been able to confirm that the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube is getting this capability in software update version and the 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick is getting it in software update version I do not know if other models will be receiving this feature as well. If your device gets the feature, please let everyone know in the comments what model device and what software version it is on. Big thanks to TechyChris for first noticing this new feature and letting me know about it!


7/23/21It appears that this features behavior is not consistent across Fire TV models. While my 3rd-gen Fire TV Stick has 15 volume levels and does continue to change the TV volume while BT headphones are connected, others have reported that the 2nd-gen Fire TV Cube has 30 volume levels and does not continue to change TV/Soundbar volume while BT audio is connected. Additionally, it seems as though this update also displays a volume bar on the screen when volume buttons on BT audio devices are pressed. However, it does not display the volume bar when changing the volume with the Fire TV remote.

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  1. Derek Enochs says:

    Can I have multiple devices (speakers) connected on my 4K fire stick? For example a sound bar and echo 3rd gen dot and hear them both together at the same time?

    • No, not over standard Bluetooth. Echos support being paired together so that you can get Fire TV audio out of multiple Echos simultaneously, but it’s not over standard Bluetooth. The Echos and the Fire TV have to be set up in the Alexa app as a Home Theater group.

  2. Derek Enochs says:

    Yes thank you. I enjoy having echoes play music in multiple rooms. But I was trying to avoid bringing a second echo into the room where I want to have two speakers to my fire TV stick. Thanks for the quick reply. I might have to get a 5.1 soundbar with woofer.
    Thanks for the quick reply.

    • Max Touchet says:

      You actually can put multiple devices in groups on the Alexa app and run them together you group them by room or whatever so you can just run the ones for the room your in or across all devices and this was years ago when they first came out

  3. John Hernandez says:

    Will the fire tv 4k receive this update??

    • I don’t know. There is an update v6.2.8.1 for the Fire TV Stick 4K, 1st-gen Fire TV Cube, and 3rd-gen Fire TV pendant going out now/soon that might have this in it, but I haven’t gotten it yet to check.

      • Humberto says:

        I have the v6.2.8.1 (NS6281/3385) on a Fire TV Stick 4K and sadly volume controls don’t work, I also have a Fire TV Cube 2nd Gen with v7.2.4.2 and it works great!! finally I can control my AirPods volume, also the volume bar is a new one at the top of the screen and don’t affect the volume bar from my TV

        • Mikbak says:

          Works on my Firestick 4K MAX but not on my 4K

          • max says:

            My firestick 4k Max has the volume control & a volume prompt aswell ir is disabled i originaly had the firestick that came with the voice remote and volume control and it doesn’t have bluetooth volume support. I typed all of this using my firestick 4k Max

  4. JFC says:

    Elias… what if you have two Echo dots in the same room… And sometimes want to play music thru only one of them… but at other times want to play to both simultaneously… Is it possible to configure that, and somehow control that choice (one or two playing) via voice command?

    • If you mean you want your Fire TV audio to come out of one Echo Dot sometimes and come out of two Echo Dots sometimes, then no, that can’t be done because a speaker can only be in one grouping at a time. So you can’t make a Fire TV + One Echo Dot grouping and then make a second Fire TV + Two Echo Dot grouping.

      If you just mean playing music through the Echo Dot(s) directly, without involving a Fire TV, then yes, this can be done. You just need to make a speaker group that includes both Echo Dots. Then, when you want to play music out of one of them, say “Play [music] on [name of single Echo Dot]” and if you want to play music out of both of them, say “Play [music] on [name of speaker group].”

  5. HG says:

    Thank you for the heads up on this. I have been using a Fire Stick Lite on a monitor (not a tv), using bluetooth earbuds for audio. I actually noticed last week that a volume bar appeared at the top of the screen when I changed the volume via the earbuds. I was guessing it was due to an update but wasn’t sure. After seeing this post I changed the remote to one with a volume control and discovered that the volume buttons on the remote do control the bluetooth volume as described. I also noted that the volume bar did not appear on the screen with this method, where it does appear using the bluetooth controls.

    This is great, and means I am no longer limited to using earbuds with built-in volume control with this setup. It was the one downside to connecting via a monitor rather than a tv.

    (Fire Stick Lite on version

    • Awesome, thanks for the details. It’s good to know that the Fire TV Stick Lite is getting the same functionality if someone pairs it with the better remote. Also good to know that Amazon added a volume bar for BT audio that has its own volume buttons. I hadn’t tested that myself so I didn’t know about the new volume bar.

      • Rishabh Mishra says:

        I also have fire stick lite. I’m also unable to control bluetooth volume should I exchange my fire stick lite to fire stick (3rd gen)
        I think then I’m able to control bluetooth volume? I’m not really sure. Tell me.

  6. Skel40 says:

    I’m using a Fire TV Stick 4K with the latest firmware and system components installed, and there’s no feature yet. Would it be under a system component update?

    • I don’t know if the feature is included in the OS update or a system component. What software version is your Fire TV Stick 4K running? (Include the portion in the parentheses too.)

      • HG says:

        I updated my 4K fire stick yesterday until it said there were no more updates. It’s currently at version:
        Fire OS (NS6281/3385)

        I didn’t reconnect the remote with the volume controls to test that, but Bluetooth earbuds did not show the volume bar. Hopefully the feature will make it to the 4K at some point.

        Hope that helps.

      • Skel40 says:

        I’m on Fire OS (NS6281/3385) with latest updates installed. I remember Amazon updating settings on the older interface to add the wifi icons/av sync tuning. This would be possible as a component update like in the past

  7. clark says:

    This is awesome!!! Been waiting so long. Had to check the date just to make sure it wasn’t Apr 1 :).

  8. Xiaolei says:

    2nd gen fire tv cube v7.2.4.2 has received the feature. Something different I noticed:

    1. The IR seems to be disabled. Remote doesn’t change my soundbar volume anymore (controlled with IR) when bluetooth headphones are connected.
    2. I get 30 volume levels

    • Oh, interesting. I guess the behavior differs between models. On my 3rd-gen Stick, which is the only model I have that got the feature, it is definitely 15 volume levels and it is definitely still changing my TV’s volume. I’ll do some more testing once these updates get to more of my devies, but thanks for pointing out your differences.

  9. Charlie says:

    I have it on my Cube gen 2 running I have had a little Insignia soundbar for a couple of years I bought really cheap on eBay without the remote. This is really nice for me.

    • Charlie says:

      My little soundbar likes to shut itself off between uses and when I went to use the TV today there was no audio output for the TV at all and the soundbar after I turned it back on was no longer in the equipment list. I just gave up on using the BT connection for now. Maybe I will think to try again at some point. Not worth starting the equipment control process every time I want to control the soundbar with fireTV remote.

  10. Khalifa says:

    Good! I’m to upgrade my FS gen2 but I’m worrying about that Amazon going to release new product sooner!

  11. Jhon says:

    Any update for 4K TV stick?

  12. Karan arora says:

    I recently bought Firetv stick 3rd gen and today I update it to v has received the feature to control the volume when connected to Bluetooth and Remote changes my TV volume (controlled with IR) when bluetooth headphones are connected.

    It gi

  13. C4pnK1rk says:

    It’s about time they fixed that problem… Let’s face it… This was a major concern and was a problem to be resolved years ago, not “we’ve added this new feature”. At this rate in about 3 more years they might finally give us a real “disable HDMI output on sleep instead of just black screen” *updated feature*… My projector hates me…

  14. WI’ll says:

    I see the volume bar but I can’t change the volume with the remote. I have Fire Cube gen 2 running connected via HDMI to a TCL Roku TV. Any ideas?

  15. David Dowdell says:

    My Airpods are causing me to go deaf when they are connected to the Firestick. Any idea on when they will roll out a volume control for the Firestick or Who can I sue for going deaf?

  16. G Clark says:

    I have the Firestick 4k and no update yet! I have a brand new pair of Edifier R1280T’s running with an Esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter and the Firestick volume is unusably low! I hope it updates soon or my Firestick is going back to Amazon.

    • G Clark says:

      I really like your site btw

    • Zan says:

      Hey, any luck with this? I’m having similar issue with my Edifier speakers, they’re unusably low too. My firestick remote doesn’t have volume buttons… how do I turn them up?!

      • Greg Clark says:

        Amazon support kept saying they were working on it. I was still in the return window so I sent my 4k back and got a Fire Cube. It has the upgrade and is much better overall.

  17. Gigi says:

    Has anyone experienced this getting rolled back? I had this capability in July on my Firestick but when I came back from vacation it was gone. I can’t find any setting that will let me enable or change it

  18. Checkerboard says:

    Whenever I connect my Bluetooth earbuds to Fire Stick 4, the main speaker connected to the TV via an optical cable is muted. Is there a way to allow sound to both the Bluetooth headphones AND to a connected speaker?

  19. Périgord says:

    On a slight tangent to this, I’ve been told in another forum that fire tv remotes “following a recent update” can now directly control an echo device, in much the same manner as the now unavailable echo voice remote. As I’ve always believed the two remotes (echo/fire tv) are mutually incompatible, my gut feeling is that they have somehow misinterpreted the update talked about in this blog post. Am I correct in taking the assertion with a pinch of salt, or has there indeed been such an update to fire tv remotes?

  20. Ron Smith says:

    Received the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls) unit today. It DOES CONTROL the bluetooth volume! Loving it!

  21. Steph says:

    Thanks for this info. I just bought 2 4K fire sticks and was surprised that I couldn’t control the volume on my AirPods. Since the price just dropped on the Max, I ordered one and it does control the volume for my AirPods. For only $10 more right now, it’s a great deal. I will return the fire stick I didn’t open. The other one is going on a tv I don’t need to use AirPods on. Although it would be nice if it did get that capability at some point.

    • Tal says:

      Are you getting consistent audio with BT?
      I have tried 4 different earbuds with the max,
      Audio is dropping all the time.

      ( same earbuds worked perfectly with the older fire TV 4k… i could adjust volume from the earbuds so the volume control from the firestick was not a “must have” for me)

  22. Alice H Renfro says:

    Have a sound bar, upgraded to a firestick 4k cannot get it to sync. Mouth and sound are off a lot. What can I do to fix this

  23. Kogi says:

    No bluetooth volume control yet on my 4K stick, or my 3rd gen Fire TV pendant.

  24. Derek Enochs says:

    My sound bar on my 4K fire stick work perfectly for a couple years until a recent update…I then lost my volume control. Long story short and after a lot of trouble shooting I ended up doing a factory reset and got my volume control started working again. It was time consuming getting all my apps reinstalled and set up the way I wanted it but I’m glad I got my volume control working again.

    So maybe a factory reset is the answer for some of the problems that I’ve been reading about?

  25. Derek Enochs says:

    I also have a 4K max fire stick and installed a brand new soundbar I got for Christmas for it. It took two tries of installing a new soundbar to get my volume control working. First try was unsuccessful and I could not use the volume control. But on the second attempt volume control now works! Even with my new 4K max I had to be patient but I eventually got it working.

  26. Derek Enochs says:

    UPDATE: Sorry just for clarity, my 4K fire stick is connected via Bluetooth and my 4K max is connected via HDMI arc.

  27. Larry Frost says:

    I have a 2nd generation Fire TV Stick and although it says it’s fully upgraded I have no volume control over my Bluetooth speaker. Wondering if upgrading to 3rd gen/4K Max will solve the problem?

  28. Alicia Michelle says:

    Can you play sounds on your tv and Bluetooth earphones, at the same time my dad needs it louder than I do so i bought him some BT earphones for Christmas and the Dish Hopper does it and I can get TV sound or Headphone sound on the firestick

  29. Mikhail Priev says:

    Volume control us not consistent on 4k max. It may get increased way too high with with tv channel or youtube switch.
    Missing volume bar is also a big miss.

  30. Ram says:

    Not all brands of Bluetooth speakers are supported. I have a pair of Anker soundcore mini connected to Firetv stick 3rd gen. During the setup, it auto detects my TV volume control. If I need to change it to control my Bluetooth volume, I need to select from a list of brands. Anker soundcore is not in the list.

  31. William George Danson says:

    I have Fire TV bought in June 22. The remote DOES NOT change the Bluetooth volume on any of my headphones/speakers even after going through this article. Very frustrated.

  32. User says:

    Is not true. There is no update for bluetooth volume control. Is more than 1 and a half year since the post and we don’t have it working. This is so sad. I regret I didn’t buy Crome with Android.

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