Fire TV Sticks in Germany Arriving Early

Amazon announced and began accepting pre-orders for the Fire TV Stick in Germany and the UK last month with an official release date of April 15th. AFTVnews reader Kai in Germany just let us know that his Fire TV Stick has already shipped. According to the estimated delivery date given by Amazon, his device is expected to arrive 2 days ahead of the official release. Amazon may have learned a thing or two from the Fire TV Stick’s US release and prepared for the expected high demand. You can chalk it up to foresight or just German efficiency. Either way, international Fire TV Stick customers may find an early surprise in their mailbox come next week.


Looks like not only have some Fire TV Sticks already shipped, but several people have let me know that they’ve already received their Fire TV Sticks in Germany.

  1. Sebastian says:

    I am from Germany and mine arrived today. Is it a comman problem, that the HDMI extension does not work? Connection to the TV is not stable, have a lot of interruptions. Without the extension everything works fine. However, i can’t plug the stick in every TV, cause without the extension it is to bulky.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. TESLA says:

    got mine also today…allready “pimped” with kodi und all them other little things i need…
    i didnt use my extension cable cause the stick is on hdmi 4 in the back of my samsung tv and the tv dosent hang on the wall…

  3. Nick says:

    I’m in the UK and ordered minutes after release, currently have a delivery date of 17-20 April.

  4. Malcolm 4000 says:

    ordered on the morning of release in the UK, and arrived in a surprisingly familiar brown cardboard package this morning – it was so early I thought it was the wife’s anniversary gift, which *hasn’t* actually turned up yet…eek.

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