Fire TV Stick w/ Old Remote is $14.99 through Facebook Marketplace

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Discount site DailySteals is once again offering a pretty good price on Fire TV hardware through the Facebook Marketplace. They currently have the 2nd-Gen Fire TV Stick available for $14.99. It comes with the older Alexa Voice Remote, which does not have power or volume buttons, but it’s still a great deal for the latest Fire TV Stick model. I’ve never ordered from DailySteals, but it’s a bit odd that they’re selling this through Facebook and not their own website, where they do sell products. It seems like some people complain about slow shipping/delivery and no communication, but the products do seem to eventually make it out to customers.


Word of warning: A few people in the comments have chimed in about their past experience with Daily Steals. While it does seem like they do ship products out just fine, if you need to deal with customer service for something like a return, you’re probably not going to have a good experience.

  1. Zeric says:

    I ordered an Echo dot v3 about 6 weeks ago through dailysteals/facebook and it arrived just fine. That’s only one data point, but it did work for me.

    $15 is a good price if you need one for an older 1080p TV.

  2. Some One says:

    Any ideas on how long this deal is active?

  3. Y2Bogus says:

    My local Target is also clearing this old stock. They have a big bin full of them for 19.98. was really tempted.

  4. Deb Zaring says:

    I ordered an Echo Dot from Daily Steals via Facebook. When the Dot arrived I tried to hook it up and it didn’t work. After contacting Amazon I found out the unit had been reported “lost or stolen”. Customer service has been terrible so far and I’m STILL waiting for my refund even though they received the retuned unit January 28th (I tracked it). Will never buy from them again.

  5. BriGuy says:

    I really don’t get how people can use these 1080p versions. I sold all mine and replaced them with 4K versions. Even on my 1080 TVs. The new version is just so much faster it’s crazy.

  6. Keith says:

    Kinda worth it for the remote, but the hardware is crappy. I’ve had one in a drawer for over 2 years.

    • Zeric says:

      The Gen 2 wasn’t too bad, certainly not as good as the 4K though. The real dog was the Gen 1 stick, it’s nearly unusable IMO.

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