Fire TV Stick update adds no new features or UI changes

The latest Amazon Fire TV Stick software update, version, which began rolling out to devices earlier this week appears to make no changes to the devices user interface. I’ve compared this latest version side-by-side with the previous version and was unable to find a single difference. This isn’t the first time Amazon has released an update that only made back end changes, as the Fire TV has received several updates in the past with no visible changes. Amazon has lately been better about providing a small bit of information on their software page regarding what an update brings. They have yet to update the Fire TV Stick’s software page to reflect this new software version, so we’ll have to wait and see if they mention any changes once the page is updated. If I missed something and you’ve noticed a change in this update, be sure to mention it in the comments section, and I’ll update this post accordingly.


Amazon has officially listed the features of this update to be “Bug Fixes” and nothing else. It appears the primary bug fix has to do with video playback.

  1. Y314K says:

    Can you check if the back end changes might of help a bit with the HBO Go app menu laggyness problems… I know it does not suppose to officially supported until Spring but maybe this update is a step on that direction..

  2. Y.O. says:

    So I guess we are safe letting the Fire TV Stick perform updates? I still have one new in box that I haven’t started up yet, to see if I really need to block anything. (I already have a rooted Fire TV.) Thoughts?

  3. Y314K says:

    If you want to make sure if there is a new Root Method your FireTV Stick will be cover. You should continue to block updates. It’s a gamble since there can be bugs on the older FW that the new FW might fix. And it will require a lot of patience. always keeps a FTV & now a FTV Stick unblocked for us. That way he can cover both sides.. His site is for all FTV & FTV Sticks. Rooted &/or not rooted.

    I still have my FTV Stick’s in their box. Will have to make that choice whether to update or not when ever I open them. Since right now there is only a hardware option for rooting. I would probably wait for a major update to let them update. But since I plan to lend them out to a couple of friends. I might not have a choice since they don’t have the same router options I have. DNS blocking might be an option then.

  4. Tinwarble says:

    As I mentioned on the comments for the other update page (the first one), but it’s worth mentioning again. The update does appear to fix the “blurriness” issue that had been reported when play videos in Kodi, especially HD videos:

    If the primary use is going to be in using the Stick for Kodi/XBMC then this is probably not an update that can be skipped if you want correct video quality.

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